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Note that Rand-Board-certified Dr. Rubio is bringing this up in the lame duck session. When he knows it'll fail (and he won't be remembered for his stupidity). Then, as the Senate turns GOP in January, he has a choice: if Ebola has gone the way of Benghazi by then, he says nothing, and the avalanche of bills to be voted on will dwarf and drown this.

But if there are lingering cases of Ebola, he can bring it up again.

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In Russia, brain eat Ebola

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Did we get a disclaimer that he was not a racist, because he claims to have dated Vanity?

No? FOX News, you're slipping!

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Cool, I can sue the fire department when they use water to aid a raging fire

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Pfft! This is why we have stand your ground laws, to protect gun fondlers engaging in wholesome schadenfreude

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It could happen...if the spectacularly wrong were sharp enough to admit ... oh look BENGHAZI.

Where's Bradshaw when you need him?

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Would it be wrong to wish for a violent death of Adam Kokesh? I do not mean like Gaddafi's death, but like bin Laden's.

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Bullets. That's the answer. I will never author legislation that require people wanting to stone people to be riddled with bullets, but I would not be opposed to it.

Fuck "doing it with votes," the nonsense has gone far enough.

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I want to be posthumously ex-communicated. Right after they posthumously baptize me. What's the protocol I must posthumously violate to make this happen?

I have a can-do attitude, so try me.

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GOProud must be the dumbest set of gays around. The bigotry is in the fucking Republican platform, what part of a platform don't they understand?

Paging Log Cabin Republicans... WISE THE FUCK UP and call the bigots out. It is the best thing you can do for gays.