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Lame Duck Obama is Best Obama.

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Fuck America. Fuck her in Betsy Ross' ass.

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I'm of draft age. I don't give af anymore. Fuck this country.

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Fuck you, America, you bunch of cock sucking pieces of cow shit. I hope you fester away in economic despair, lose your healthcare and your sons and daughters are sent off to Syria or Iran to die in vain you rat fucking cunts.

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I'm pretty sure Erick Erickson looks like a fat lesbian.

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Holy shit! Chris Vanocur! He was a staple in SLC news for years until they sold him from scraps, apparently, to a local Florida news station? I met him a few times. He was a good reporter.

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And Jimmy Carter dude - can you get any more stereotypical, maaaan?

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Or go on to create, star, in the award winning hit 30 Rock, which debuted in 2006, a whole two years before anyone in American knew who the fuck Sarah Palin was...

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Rush Limbaugh is a nasty, bloated, smelly, drug addicted, balding, small pricked, small minded, tub of rancid, maggot infested, fly hovering, vomit-inducing diarrhea. I've come to the conclusion that he is so bitter and hateful because he hasn't been able to see his dong since the sixth grade and can't wrap his fat arms enough around his humongous gut to rub one out.

So, he has to jet off to foreign countries to have sex with underage children.

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Twitter is filled with a bunch of asshole twats going around changing their tune now that the black man did what they all wanted.

Assclown #1
Assclown #2

These people hate Obama so much that they'll actively work against something they steadfastly believed in not but a few months ago.