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I took the same test Pres. Dipshit likes to brag about. Got a perfect score so looking to start my presidential run. Going to need some campaign staff and some people to help me run the government.

If you missed this yesterday please share it on other forums and stuff, spread it far and wide. l
Last time I will post it, stay safe. I will show myself out, you can reach me on FB.

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She is a very nice person. She was my caregiver for a few months but it's time for her to go back to nursing school. My cat really liked her and so did I. I will let her know.

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A friend of mine made a power point presentation to convince her somewhat racist and Trump supporting father that he was wrong. She backs things up with facts and cites her sources at the end. He blew it off, but I don't think her hard work should go to waste. If you know someone whose mind might be changed by this...please share this with them.

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That's what I mean. This poem is an eerie prediction of how I would almost die many times but continue to survive and I find that a bit creepy. Besides I take Deaths place at the end and I am cool with that.

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I am moderately freaked out right now. Below is a poem I wrote when I was 17. I also did a tarot card reading for myself that predicted I would 'die' in my 27th year. The Death card in the tarot deck does not mean you are straight up going to die, but it does indicate a major life change, usually for the worse.

I was 27 when I got sick, my old life died and I had to create a new one because everything I used to enjoy doing was no longer feasible. Today I was leafing through some of my old writings and found this poem. After you read it think about all the times I have almost died for real and you too can be creeped out with me.

A pale steed, a grim skulled visage.
A scythe in hand, he comes for me,
Blood drips with infinite slowness,
From Death's weapon.
A bony claw.
A chill wind.
He reaches, for the dark recesses,
That harbour my soul,
And grabs.
I feel it, my soul,
being torn from within.
But I struggle,
And Death stops.
A rictus smile flashes,
Across his skulled visage.
He raises The Reaper,
It has slaughtered billions.
He strikes me.
To rend both flesh and soul,
But still, I struggle.
Yet he continues to strike,
Merciless in his attempts,
To rend my flesh,
To crush my bones,
To tear my soul.
But still, I struggle.
A worried look,
Flares across hollow eyes.
I rise,
Nothing more than broken bones,
Tattered flesh,
A shredded soul.
I grab the Reaper,
from astonished claws.
I strike Death.
He is torn asunder,
In one strong blow.
I gather his soul,
and leave.

I'm going to see if I can put a hex on someone now.

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Drug addiction is a disease, not an excuse to tear him down. Finding someone in Hollywood who wasn't or isn't currently an addict would be an interesting challenge.

Those exact conversations played out in my home between my mom and whatever scummy boyfriend she had at the time. except it wasn't my mom yelling "Fine I hit you, are you fucking happy that I admitted it?" Lets not forget all the people who came to his defense who also got torn to shreds for being an enabler /coughwinonarydercough.

Other arguments I am hearing - Well he was a real pain in the ass to work with. He "Johnny Depp's" every role? Ben Stiller would like to speak with you, I am sure if I thought about it I could find others. Substance abuse? Can people turn violent when taking drugs? Sure, not everyone does though. There are affidavits in that unrolled thread from people who say they never saw the bruises she claimed she had. Like how she appeared on James Corden the day after she posted selfies with bruises and a busted lip but the make up artist says she never saw any.

This is not white male rage or whatever the fuck you want to call it. This is a former victim who is fucking pissed off that another person lied about being a victim, used it to her advantage and smeared the actual victim. I just can't anymore... people here still trying to say "well they were both shitty" read the entire fucking link, listen to the entire video (on youtube) and come back and tell me he deserved that. Then you will be no better than any man who has ever struck a women and said "You made me do that"

That's your FIN.

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He lost his favorite role, his reputation will never recover. He was tried and convicted in a court of public opinion and Heard rode the #metoo wave to bury him. I listened to the conversation between the two. When I was growing up my mom suffered through a lot of abuse at the hands of shitty boyfriends. Listening to her yell at him, that took me right back to my childhood. She is clearly the abuser here and he just wanted to de-escalate.

Amber Heard is an Ambassador for Domestic Violence. Let that sink in for a minute. I want to know where the outrage is over her being the abuser. Her lying. Her tearing someone down who didn't deserve it. I was abused as a child, nobody believed me, everyone believed the adult. This shit hits close to home for me. A victim is a victim and Depp was assaulted multiple times. By Heard and by the people who rushed to judgement. I want some fucking outrage over this or some acknowledgement of how wrong this is.

Instead I get 3 fonzes and crickets.
I'm not fit to live in this uncivilized society anymore, I'd rather live with wolves because at least they have some sense of order.

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I also found a convient excuse not to show my wife any baby pictures as none seemed to have survived my childhood.