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The money wasn't going where it was supposed to go, Jimbo. I'm not talking about you when I say that. A lot of us on the inside were told that nobody was paid for their work, but when the accounts were leaked by Hannam it became clear that lots of people were on very decent salaries, plus expenses.

Morons were being paid to be morons - you know the type I'm talking about.

There would have needed to have been some electoral return on people's investments, Jimbo, to encourage them to keep giving. We were lucky in 2009 in that it gave a brilliant fundraising springboard for 2010. People dared to dream, and back that dream with their cash. We all know what happened next.

This is all rather academic now. Griffin held ultimate constitutional power and therefore ultimate responsibility.

Pip Pip

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You're talking about single issue groups, Jimbo. Groups which are built upon extremely emotive issues. Yes, funds for these groups can be easily raised, especially when there is a religious dimension.

What you achieved for the BNP wasn't sustainable growth, because the party administration couldn't back it up with electoral gain - the bottom line. Which takes me back to the previous point.

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We haven't failed at all, Jimbo. We have done exactly as we expected, a little better in fact.

Nobody expected mushroom growth, in fact, that would lead to unrealistic expectations of party performance.

Britain First will never gain the membership, funds and human resources of the BNP, Jimbo. Never. People, wealthy people, invested finance for electoral return - electoral return is a tangible return upon an investment. A campaigning group rarely has something tangible to back up investment and it's very difficult to create a donation-return positive feedback loop.

For example, if BF helped gain a favourable decision under nationalist principles via pressure, the media will ignore it, brush it under the carpet. They'll report the decision, but not why it was made in that way. With a party, your name is out there whether they like it or not, especially if you win - and the media helpfully go ballistic whenever an 'extreme' party makes electoral gain.

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Griffin's been doing this thing since his infamous 'Attempted Murder' black propaganda booklet back in the 1980s. Whilst it is true that there are links between the various global counter-jihad figures, the groups are not politically homogeneous.

I've spoken to some of the people Griffin mentioned, Knowles, Marchini, et al, and they're extremely patriotic and on the same page as any nationalist.

It is not politically viable - or desirable - to attack Israel, its lobbyists or Jews in general. It is lunacy.

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I'm busy working, Jimbo. I mainly use Twitter these days. British Freedom is fine, still in business, etc.

There's obviously some overlap of membership between the SDL and the BNP, but it's not an issue. The SDL is one of the smallest arms of the defence leagues.

Griffo seems keen to shift everything away from politics.

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Oh well, Will, you know what you can do....

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SB isn't on the Executive, Jim. Not sure that is actually him, looks like somebody trying to be him.

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May won't tell us much, it's merely the first outing. We won't win any seats, but we'll gain experience as an organisation.

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What's wrong in the above article, Sid? I would say that the events since have merely confirmed what was written here.

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Pleasure, Jane.