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You're probably right Mike, but it would be nice to see at least one paper telling it as it is and if this happens then I'll support it. Maybe the rest will realise they can no longer get away with churning out rubbish about the BNP and start printing the unbiaised truth - which is all we ask of them. The way the public mood is swinging in our favour anything seems possible!

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At last, a bit of relatively unbiaised reporting on the BNP from a British newspaper. I no longer buy the treacherous Daily Mail and Daily Express as I cannot stand the way they praise policies which have long formed part of our manifesto and then end up slagging us off. Might just try the Independent for a few days to see how it goes.

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Great to see this potentially damaging crisis resolved with such commendable speed and professionalism. The Party just grows stronger and stronger.

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Utterly despicable. The fact that this Labour MP seems to have admitted influencing immigration policy for the benefit of a foreign company is bad enough but it is compounded by Channel 4's editing this out of the 'cash for influence' scandal programme. The media is only too ready to castigate the BNP as vile and odious - when they know from everything on our website that this portrayal of the Party is completely unwarranted - yet will happily keep quiet about a major scandal such as this exposing Labour's hypocritical stance on immigration because they know it will further infuriate a public sick of being systematically misled about the issue. This is potential dynamite, so why hasn't there been any coverage in the media? There must be honest journalists out there surely? I long for the day when one will find the courage and decency to publish the whole, unadulterated truth about this type of thing and fairly acknowledge the BNP's proven stance against official corruption and uncontrolled immigration.

The allegations of apparently corrupt acts (especially in regard to Thomson Travel) mentioned above MUST be thoroughly investigated by the Police - this goes right to the heart of our democracy and the British public have a right to the truth. If it is swept under the carpet, we may rightly assume that Britain is no different to any of the tin-pot countries elsewhere in the world where corruption is rife and ordinary people are treated with contempt by the ruling political elite.

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The BNP Constitution spells out our implacable opposition to various political creeds, including fascism(Section 3.2.7). There is nothing in our manifesto or policies to the contrary.

Despite this, there's no chance of the UAF dropping their hostility towards the BNP as their supporters are largely of the rent-a-mob variety, uninterested in or incapable of reasoned political debate and bent only on violence and disorder - of which this incident is the latest of many. Even the police seem to have had enough.

Surely time for Cameron and other high-profile UAF supporters to recognise this seedy and subversive outfit for what it is by publicly disassociating themselves from it.

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Best of luck Andy, you are a true patriot and a gentleman, with the right background and experience to represent the people of this iconic constituency.

Tunbridge Wells, traditionally a Tory stronghold, is a good choice for your campaign. Many, if not most, Conservative voters privately support BNP policies and desperately wish Cameron would grow a pair and espouse some of them at least - those on immigration, the EU, and grammar schools would do for a start - but must know there is a fat chance of that happening.

Last year, the incumbent Tory MP where I live came canvassing and claimed to support tough policies on immigration, getting Britain out of the EU and bringing back grammar schools. However, when confronted with the fact that Cameron and the Conservative Party didn't actually endorse these policies he fell back on the feeble excuse that these 'aims' were what he personally hoped to see 'in the fullness of time'! I told him that if this was really the case he was in the wrong party!

When the time comes, I sincerely hope true Conservatives in Tunbridge Wells think long and hard about where their loyalties really lie and have the moral courage to act out of conviction rather than mindless habit, by casting their votes for you and the BNP.

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Manxman I completely agree - it would have been preferable for the constitution to have been more tightly drawn with far less emphasis on ideology. Unfortunately the present version played into the hands of the EHCR by gifting them an opportunity stitch us up with this spurious legal action. I believe that the membership would have gone along with a more concise version as our overriding aim must be to win seats in parliament and exercise real political influence, rather than fretting about including everything in our constitution to the nth degree.

On the plus side, the action by the EHCR and the court's decision will be widely seen, even by those who do not support us, as state-sponsored persecution of a legitimate political party and as a warning to everyone who cherishes our hard-won democratic rights.

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Not a word in today's papers. Of course, if the judgement had gone against us it would have been front page wall-to-wall slagging off the odious BNP. The BBC website carried an item with the misleading headline 'BNP rules still discriminatory' and you had to read it to discover this actually referred to what the EHCR had alleged in court, not the judge's decision.

We are of course inured to these sort of double standards and underhand tactics by now (we are currently being given the silent treatment) but it still rankles that in a supposedly democratic country no British editor or journalist seems willing exercise ordinary fair play with stories concerning the BNP by simply reporting the unvarnished truth. Countering the lies, smears and slurs and coping with the silent treatment has been difficult but more and more people are aware of what is happening - 'you can fool some of the people etc.etc.'

Formerly an avid reader of the D/Mail and D/Express, like many other contributors to this website, I have given up buying these papers in disgust, as they totally disregard the views of the overwhelming majority of their readers.

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So far so good. There is now reason to hope that the EHCR's argument effectively claiming the right to dictate policy to a legitimate British political party will be firmly rejected and exposed for what it really is - a blatantly partisan attempt to shut down the BNP. Keep it up, BNP legal team, and good luck with the case on Friday.

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Traditional Tories, in turmoil over Cameron's abandonment of conservative principles and evident lack of leadership qualities (reflected in their party's dismal showing in the polls) face a dilemma - should they pretend to support him in an attempt to maintain some semblance of party unity or jump ship and join the BNP, the only party which espouses the policies they would dearly like to their party support?

For all the sham enthusiasm and standing ovation, Cameron's performance yesterday was uninspiring and totally lacking in substance, and his insulting reference to Nick Griffin, an elected MEP and moreover, an honest and courageous politician, was despicable. No one should be at all surprised, as Cameron was simply doing things the UAF way, which is to avoid challenging BNP policies with rational argument and to resort to violence, intimidation and insults instead.

The BNP membership voted overwhelmingly for the constitutional changes which have removed issues which may have prevented some Tories from giving us their support. Many (maybe even most) Tories now find they have more in common with us than with today's Conservative Party - time to reconsider their options?

Good pic of Nick above with the nice looking lady - who is she? More like this can only reinforce the Party message that the BNP has absolutely no problem with legally settled minorities who have bought into the British way of life.