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Nick Griffin: Hypocrite, fraud and traitor:

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Wow! Enis certainley grabs attention! Great to see such a lovely, intelligent woman representing the BNP.

All the best to Barnsley BNP.

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Excellent, well done Simon.I think you have a great approach to these media scumbags. I like the way you force your own points on them and you don't just sit there and be pushed around.

Btw, here's a more direct link to your interview:

PS: I think because the media play the game of always refering to you as Mr Darby I think you should refer to them similarly, i.e Mr Neil.

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Happy New Year Simon, and to all fellow nationalists. Keep up the great work Simon, and as always your blog is top notch. Cheers.

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The Zionists are the secret controlling hand, they exert massive influence. You are trying to divert the conversation away from Zionism, why? We are not talking on this blog for vote winning, we are discussing subjects that affect nationalism, and Zionism is a disease, that must be identified and then surgically removed.

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As a British nationalist, I don't care if Israel and Iran nuke each other, it means nothing to me. I am only concerned with Britain. Anyone who believes we should defend Israel is not a nationalist, they are a Zionist, and therefore they are an enemy of Britain. Simple.

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Islamism and Zionism are mortal enemies of Britain - they have much in common. Both want to destroy our traditions and culture, both believe their people are superior to us, both are imperialist ideologies.

It is vital that one understands the difference between a Jew and a Zionist because they are not one and the same despite that many who are ignorant of the distinctions use the terms interchangeably. A Jew is a member of an ethno-religous group - that's it, whereas a Zionist is someone who supports the racist state of Israel and it's imperialist agenda and who may not even be a Jew, i.e. Tony Blair, George Bush, Barry Soetoro, etc, ad nauseum.

However, if it hadn't been for the decades of nefarious meddling in and influencing of British politics by the Zionists we would not now find ourselves in this situation where the Islamist have such strength. For it the Zionists and their braindead Marxist useful idiots who have pushed mutli-culturalism upon Europe who have invited Jihad upon us.

So when so-called nationalists now say Islam is our only enemy they are either ignorant to the reasons why we are where we are or they are conveniently ignoring the reasons, the latter type of so-called nationalist is really a Zionist using nationalism as a vehicle against Islam.

Zionists are a threat to everyone, exactly like the Islamists.

I do not care about the fate of Israel, and I also do not care about the fate of Iran. As a British nationalist I am only concerned with Britain, my only concern about the coming attack on Iran by Israel/US is that British forces are not used as fodder for the Zionist agenda, and that should either nation direct any hostile action at us we can deal with them.

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An "education" like you you mean? LOL, from the brainwashing establishment. No thanks. Nationalists have the awareness to see beyond the lies of the establishment, unlike weak minded idiots like you who are too afraid to challenge anything, and are desperate to fit in and be "one of the good guys".

Do you mind when Nick Griffin is routinely insulted on TV? Do you mind when David Cameron call Nick Griffin a "vile piece of filth" at the CONservative conference? Or let me guess you don't mind when the BNP are insulted. You have no integrity, you are the hypocrite.

Your "reasoning" is the regular nonsense garbled out by brainwashed scum. You are brainwashed and you are scum.

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Funny how all you freaks same exactly the same thing: "This is BNP freespeach", and yet the BNP are blocked from any form of expression, whether that is on blogs or the controlled mainstream media.

You seem to like the word hyperbole, and you also state that I just throw insults, and yet you make mindless insults, i.e. "Paranoid, stupid, uneducated and hypocritical" - again the usual language of a brainwashed idiot.

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Flood or no, makes no difference: all muslims should be fasting at ramadan! Surely making a donation would not be sensitive to islam as this would be a contribution tempting muslims to break their fast? Well, if they want us to observe their practices here, I don't see why it should be any different in Pakistan.

So I am simlpy demonstrating my politically correct credentials when I say: don't give them any money, we wouldn't want to cause offence to islam now would we?