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I am now waiting for claims from foreigners, supported by the EHRC, that this policy is racist.

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The decision by this court has its history going back to the murder of Stephen Lawrence. The enquiry into why nobody was convicted of this crime was led by 'Lord' McPherson who entered into the process with pre conceived, political bias against anybody who is white. Basically, if you are white then you are automatically racist, hence McPherson's ridiculous claim that the police were 'institutionally racist'. How can an institution be racist, anyway? However, McPherson's decision has had major ramifications for the whole of the country and its institutions, to the detriment and abuse of the native population.

This Aberdeen Court's decision is merely a reflection of the McPherson report and his Stalinist bias being a continuation.

For more information on McPherson, read Frank Ellis's excellent report.

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I disagree with the first part of your first sentence and agree with the second part regarding abortion. For a culture to survive each couple needs to have approximately 2.1 children. And that is for it to remain static. Currently, white couples, the world over are having only about 1.4 children per couple and that means terminal decline in our race and culture. Even if that figure was increased to the minimum survival number, it would take about one hundred years to stablise the population level.

In the meantime, as we all know, the African and Asian races are having an average of 3 to 4 children per couple, thus doubling their population with every generation, roughly.

There is no doubt that the human animal is outbreeding its habitat and will move to pastures new to feed itself. Currently the new pastures are Europe but it won't be long before those pastures have been stripped of their resources.

As we are being hard hearted here, it is a stark fact that the human race needs to be culled in order for it to survive.

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Just what is he suggesting? If it's what I think it is then it would require massive organisation, funding and the consent of the majority of the native people.

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Are you sure that it is not Muslims Prefer Blondes. Preferably below the age of 16.

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Quote: Roy Castle, the jazz musician and television presenter who died from lung cancer in 1994, claimed that he contracted the disease from years of inhaling smoke while performing in pubs and clubs. Unquote.

On a radio talk show recently, a woman from the anti smoking fascists was interviewed. As usual, the case of Roy Castle was used as her 'evidence'. Another caller asked this woman if it was correct that Roy Castle smoked cigars! Which he did. The anti smoking woman refused to answer the question.

That is an example of how people who are fanatical about a particular subject, whether it be 'global warming', now morphed into 'climate change or anti smoking etc, refuse to look at all the evidence, especially that which rejects their fanatical claims. Unfortunately, they are given far too much publicity and air time to postulate their views which are often highly skewed in their favour. Any opposing views are rapidly consigned to Room 101 because they do not reflect the perceived wisdom, as laid down for us.

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Do you think, perhaps, the following link from Sarah Maid of Albion's blog puts the finger on the BNP's problems?

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I hate to say it but you are beating your heads against a brick wall. The people of Dagenham had the chance to vote in the BNP but they did not do so. As I wrote on the main BNP comments site, it has been said that in a democracy the people get the government they deserve. There is no point in the good folk of Dagenham whining about a new mosque and the closure of businesses in their area. They got the council they voted for, even if the turnout was low, which is still not a good enough excuse.

The BNP can carry out as many street protests as they like, think they are getting good support but until that support translates into votes, nothing is going to change.

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GA, you wrote. Quote: I did have reservations with regards to just what they intend to replace the current establishment structure with when and if they are successful. Unquote.

I have also been asked this question when I have argued that there is a current need for a revolution to reclaim our country. I have long given up on what passes for the democratic process, because there actually needs to be one to participate in. Anyway, I digress. I think the answer to your question is we do not REPLACE anything. We RESTORE, what we once had.

Our country is not some third world banana republic which freed itself from colonial rule and then set about destroying everything that had been built. Our country evolved over many centuries, with much blood, sweat and tears to give rights to its citizens, enshrined in extremely important documents such as Magna Carta and The English Bill of Rights. Those documents are our written constitution and form the basis for all our hard won rights.

The political establishment has deliberately set about to destroy or ignore those rights, and with inexorable and growing pace since we joined the European Union and had many of our laws and our rights subsumed by Roman Law (or Code Napeleon), which operates throughout much of Europe.

If anything needs to be REPLACED it is the treasonous political establishment who are gradually removing our ancient rights and leading us towards totalitarianism in all but name.

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I have been toying with the notion of becoming a member of the BNP for quite a long time, yet for some reason I did not make the final step and sign up. Some months ago, I do not think that I could have given coherent reasons for not taking out a membership. Partly, because for quite a number of years I have lived in Spain, ( before I looked into the BNP as a political party to support).

Even though I am an expatriate, who also worked abroad in several different countries, for many years, during my working life, I am still concerned for the well being of my country and my family members who continue live in it. Being an expatriate does not prevent me from being a patriot.

I have read, with great interest the comings and goings and the machinations that have been occurring within the BNP, even though I am literally on the outside looking in. As such, I have had to take much of what I read at face value. But the face value is still very disturbing.

With this latest news, I suddenly realised why I prevaricated over becoming a full member of the party. Now I am retired, at my age I have seen many groups, organisations and political parties come and go. Particularly parties that claim they are nationalist and were established to represent the people of their own country. I do not doubt that these parties are genuine in their aspirations and were established, originally, by well meaning people who really do share the concerns of the native people.

Without exception, all these organisations ended up being fragmented with internecine strife among their leadership and competing personalities. Until they disappeared without trace.

A good example, at the moment, is the English Democrat Party which was formed to represent the English people, following a devolution settlement that left the English with very real concerns over the democratic, economic and social deficits that were redressed for the Welsh, Scots and Irish but increased for the English. Yet again, I see another nationalist party riven with internal strife, unable to organise itself to mount an effective election campaign for the votes of disillusioned English people.

I think it is very sad and dangerous for the future of our country and the native population that the BNP seems to be travelling the same route. Why? is it because of personalities or egos or the personal ambitions of those who have gained influential positions? I don't know. I am neither qualified or have the information necessary to pass any judgments.

However, I do perceive that the BNP is falling into the same fragmentation process of other parties that preceded it. I am seriously beginning to think that the BNP has been infiltrated by people whose objective is to destroy what could, potentially, be a serious threat to the ruling establishment.

After all, there is a history of infiltration of political parties by those pursuing their own agenda. The Labour party is a good example. The Communist/Marxists and far left such as Straw, Hain, Mandelson, Reid, Blunkett et al joined that party and then proceeded to pervert and corrupt it from within for their extremist left wing ideals. With great success.