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If Sharia eventually takes over the world what need would there be for tourism ? The world will be just one great big shit hole and the highlight of your life will be a pilgrimage to Mecca. Oh and women will be worth three times less than a man, Democracy, Womens Lib, Labour and Conservative parties none of these will exist oh what a wonderful life you are creating.

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looks to me like the posters from the hypocrisy forum have moved in here...

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You did very well Simon as soon as you clocked onto his tack you attacked with your own questions, about Derek Adams being ejected and the filth that the Muslims are getting upto, I also hasten to add, that it was the presenter that mentioned 'Dirty Bomb', Zionism, and Jews it wasn't your good self , good show.

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The schools response to me reads like the whole episode has been hushed up “We have always worked very closely together and are involved in an ongoing project together under the community cohesion umbrella." and Elaine Dawson, headteacher at Sir John Thursby, said "a lot of proactive work was going on to ensure relations stayed smooth." very fishy.

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To become a pan-European political party you have to have 25 sitting MEP's if I understand it right from all these members there are only 9 sitting MEP's. I may be wrong but it would be of help if someone could clarify this issue?

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It's always our fault that these people won't integrate, so our government try to get us to change into them no chance of that happening here, I'm having to unlearn 40 years of dogma that's been taught to me by these crazy Parliamentarians. It's time that people learn that this is our country and we won't change for anybody..

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And about time too, beg, borrow and get donating it's time we fought these dispicable characters through the courts good to have the Woolas case to use as a gauge though, excellent decision i'll be dipping into my pocket for this..

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Nothing British about these gangs no wonder people think all Brits are violent and thick.

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It will take about 2 days to hang this lot, maybe a whole week to round up and hang the others too...

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I've been following events on twitter as the most tweeted MEP it's worth following Mr Griffin, to keep upto date with EU and latest posts etc. Wishing you a speedy recovery and continuous good health for the future Mr Griffin from all the activists at the Black Country BNP Branch.