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How concise, how absurd, how ironic. How is it that only we can see the laughable and terrifying truth? Why must we be both persecuted victim and glorious freedom fighter? When will people open their eyes to what's going on in this beautiful country of ours?

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However high the numbers become, Britain must remember that each one of these dead men and women are real people; real heroic people who chose not the easy life, but to serve the country that they loved. These sons and daughters of Britannia are her greatest resource and her greatest subjects; that the authorities are sending them callously to pointless and tragic deaths must be interpreted as the clearest sign that they have no respect for Britain or for the lives of Her Majesty's loyal subjects. However, the pettyness and evil of this war and those who allowed us to become involved in it should not be allowed to touch the memories of our heroes and heroines who have died in the harsh desert sands. They were brave and loyal people who, idealistically, believed that they could serve their country, that they could give their lives. Remember that each one of them that dies is someone who was prepared to give their life so that someone else didn't have to. Never shall we let the evil of our leaders tarnish the heroism of those who fall, neither shall we ever forgive the indignity of this gross attack upon British honour, this pointless and malicious "war on terror".

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"You know what I think, because it’s what you think too."

Titus, this sounds like a call to battle, one I would be happy to join. I find it beyond sickening that a) this abuse was allowed to take place and b) these people will not be dealt with as they deserve and as would be just.

There is so much evil in this society now, much of it has been sanctioned and fostered by the authorities, the degeneracy and hurt must be cut out, "the boil must be lanced" to use the judge's words. British Nationalists, these kinds of story remind us of what our purpose is!

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I'm seventeen and, by God, I wish I had grown up under a nationalist system. My friends, generation and myself have been purposefully betrayed by those entrusted with our upbringing; we are left without skills, direction or hope; no wonder so many turn to drugs and violence. After all, we are taught not to believe that there will be a future; that we must despise ourselves, our country, our families and our history. Nihilism and Marxism are held up as ideals and social conservatism actively crushed. White girls in particular are actively encourage to abandon the honour of their people, and I mean ACTIVELY ENCOURAGED. This is not just incompitence in the minds and hands of the educational establishment, but active, intentional destruction of the nation's youth.

I only pray that the next generation will not be betrayed as mine has been.

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My God, they're not serious are they? Writing a "song for England" and trying to pass it off as a new national anthem? While I agree that God save the Queen should be an anthem for the United Kingdom and that England should have her own anthem, why not use Jerusalem instead of just making up something which has not meaningful context?

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Hooray! Hooray! I couldn't be more happy than now. Finally, finally the voice of the British people cannot be drowned out by our corrupt and manipulative leaders; because now we have not just one, but two prophets of our people speaking out loud and clear for them right in the middle of the temple of evil.

Long live the British National Party and God Save the Queen! A tremendous well done to Nick and to Andrew Brons, and a thank you to the incredible work and sacrifice it's taken to get to this point. Ordinary mortals would bow their heads and give in when having to deal with what's been thrown at our proud leaders, but they themselves are heroes; courageous British lions. I couldn't be more proud to be a British National Party member than at this very moment.

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This has put me in a carnival mood. I feel like letting off some fireworks, but I think I'll save them for results day!

Ding, dong the witch is dead!

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From the bottom of my heart, thank you Mr Randall. It is heroes like you that make me proud to be British, that prove that there's something worth fighting for. When I think of the sacrifice your generation made and compare it the indulgence and complacency of my own, I am almost disgusted at how far we have degenerated. However, I know that we can use the courage and generosity of men like yourself as inspiration to guide us and to build a new country of heroes for the next generation.

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I hope this interview is out now, as I look forward to hear some non-controlled views on the radio. I'm actually something of a fan or Radio 4, or at least I was until it showed it's true colours as a liberal propaganda-machine masquerading as an intellectual forum. It seems that everyone in the BBC either wants to or is forced to take a swipe at the BNP; surely this means that the national media are far from representative of British demographics as the polls are showing that we're pretty damn popular. Still, any publicity is good publicity and the more we get attacked and denied an unbiased platform the more the people of this country will realise the truth; that we are the only true opposition to the establishment and that we represent true freedom for our people. Our day is soon to come, I'm certain of it!

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I was going to suggest getting some of our people elected as Tories so they could then cross the floor, however I seriously doubt whether even Tory "safe" seats will survive the current public outrage!