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Footnote to the Freedom Party's stunning electoral success. British war graves are treated with utmost respect by local populations in all European nations but it's a remarkable coincidence that every time a nationalist party achieves electoral success in an EU member state, (congratulations to the nationalist Freedom Party in Holland, winning 24 seats in a stunning electoral success which was largely ignored by the UK media), then France seems to have an immediate outbreak of swastikas daubed on military graves. Suspicion is immediately focused on "right-wingers" or "Nazis". People would be closer to the truth if they focused on the security services & Marxist rabble of the totalitarian left who control the EU & who will stop at nothing to demonise the nationalist parties of Europe. The Freedom Party's success is another victory for freedom over globalism/totalitarianism.

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Off topic, but hoping someone can help by informing BNP main site that regular posters like myself & Thelma H are attempting to post for 2 days but when i press 'save' to post it says 'error on page'. Need help with this problem (BNP site only, could be sabotage I suppose) as there are no links to contact webmaster on BNP page. Thanks.

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Some of the best information on this subject, including the Rothschild timeline & Andrew Carrington Hitchcock's book, is available on Daryll Bradford Smith's iamthewitness link below. If you can just ignore Daryll's naivety concerning Islam it has information few other sites have.

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In1986 the Front National had 35 members elected to the French National Assembly, by far the most they have ever had elected in their history. In 2007, the last elections to the FNA, I believe they currently have no members in the FNA. I'm not sure if the decline is due to changes to the electoral system by the Establishment but I wouldn't be surprised if it played a big part.

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In order to achieve the ''equality for all'' which Marxism preaches, certain groups & their institutions- white males, the family, faith, Western Civilisation, etc - had to be demonised as evil in order to destroy them -while the ideologies of minority groups, feminists homosexuals, feminists, blacks, etc., must be constantly praised & everything they achieve glorified. All to the detriment of the 'evil white racists' who are a barrier to ''progress''. We live in a World of Lies created by the neo-Marxists/globalists seeking to destroy us totally so that we are unable ever again to thwart their One-World government New World Order. Is it any wonder that in a Marxist-created World of Lies people are confused & bewildered (see Frankfurt School ideology). Only white-majority nations are subjected to the genocidal multicultural/mass immigration ideology that European nation-states are. It's blindingly obvious to more people that our demise is deliberate & those who created Marxism to destroy White Civilisation must have a hatred of the white race that is almost unimaginable to the average white person. People had better wake up quickly. There is barely time left.

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An all-too-familiar account of how the Marxist totalitarians are all for freedom - so long as you agree with their point of view - oppose these brainwashed cretins and you're sure to feel the wrath of this vile cabal of misfits and brainwashed mediocrities. Wikipedia's biography of lefty Electoral Commission head Jenny Watson reveals this Julia Middleton clone as an unrepentant Marxist clown who has presided over the absolute shambles that the UK electoral system has become. It's far worse than even I thought - then with the neo-Marxist cabal involved, that's been the intent all along - with international election observers stating that the UK electoral system is an open invitation to fraud & the most corrupt in the world. Strange how it all worked well until neo-Marxist New Labour attained power & decided to gerrymander the voting system in their favour. The British people must stop allowing themselves to be used by the corrupt Lib/Lab/Con one-party-with-three-names & demand justice & punishment for this criminal gang who have destroyed the UK & its people.

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Great article GA, shedding light on matters for BNP members like myself who feel bamboozled & left in the dark by current event. In short, you are asking all patriots to stand firm & ignore the Searchlight/Lib/Lab/Con Establishment brainwashing. The slimy hand of the Marxist creatures is all over this affair, with their masters seeking the destruction of the nationalist BNP & the UK. If these BNP ''dissenters'' call for the resignation of Nick Griffin & the formation of a new nationalist party then they are either traitors or dupes being led by traitors. Think again, BNP members. Though you may be uncertain about who exactly to trust & who are the traitors, heed the words of Chairman Nick Griffin & stay true to the BNP cause as GA states. In a week or so the new government may have access to damaging government info that may expose neo-Marxist New Labour for the criminals they undoubtedly are. I have no doubt the New Labour criminal gang sabotaged the election process & stole many votes from the BNP. Remember, that which does not kill us makes us stronger. Keep the faith in Nick Griffin & the BNP. In a short time we will be back online stronger & more determined than ever.

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Once prisons ceased to have the cushy liberal regimes they do at present then crime & the prison population would fall rapidly. A prison without the present luxuries would not be a desirable place to spend time as many prison regimes and countries have proved throughout history before the advent of modern ''liberalism''.

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More social engineering by Nottingham City Council, though perhaps these Marxist/globalist muppets are not quite as stupid as they first appear to be. Every politically-correct job vacancy created means another comfortable post & a vote for the brainwashed followers of these Frankfurt School Marxists/globalists & another brick in the wall of their multicultural One-World government agenda, & yet another taxpayer-funded job that those who oppose this dumbing-down of the people, will never, ever, be asked to fill. For all their moralising about equality, the liberal/left know they have latched on to a never-ending government gravy-train of jobs, financial security & pensions. Jobs for the Boys (& Girls). That's why it's advertised in the liberal/left Guardian newspaper. I believe it's called Socialism or something.

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New Labour's fraudulent misuse of our electoral system, including the expansion of postal voting & the use of Third World immigrants as voting fodder, has further corrupted the whole country. The dumbing-down of politics by the controlled media has led to neo-Marxist New Labour becoming arrogant with power & their corrupt neo-Marxist totalitarian ideology means they are far too arrogant to consider for a moment that they are not the all-knowing icons they think they are. Margaret Hodge, MP, is a prime example of an arrogant politician & it's no wonder that the public in Barking have published a magazine outlining the arrogance & corruption of these New Labour totalitarians. With the other parties of the Lib/Lab/Con one-party-with-three-names equally as useless, their treacherous treatment of the British people is nothing short of genocide. One can only be glad that the majority of British people are wakening up to the Lib/Lab/Con nation-wreckers & their multicultural One-World government agenda, & that Hodge & the whole New Labour criminal gang are soon consigned to the dustbin of history.