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a spokesperson for Glasgow Clyde College said: “Glasgow Clyde College is committed to equality and diversity.

In other words committed to the eventual replacement of Scots, and the Islamification of our country. Joshua Brown, I wonder if he if for the diversity being inflicted on the German and Swedish people by the way of rape and Jihad, or how about the wonderful diversity inflicted on 1400 British kids in Rotheram. Do these leftwing communists who have no national pride realise the majority of the population don't want to become the minority. Or do the fascist left deny us that choice.

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Andy I applaud the decent nationalists in the NBU, as I do applaud any decent nationalists, but you are being led by a charlatan, backstabber, liar and con man. You will find Raikes will be at none of your demos or indeed any activities, he does not even do anything in his little hamlet of ********, and he does not have the ability to speak to the public on the hoof, and indeed shy's away from members of the public

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Hi all thought id post to let you know we are still active in Aberdeen with the NF although we are reviewing how best to push the nationalist message forward. We still have regular meetings, community cllrs, and regular activities. We have not seen Raikes do anything up here, and he is NOT a nationalist. he is a money grabber and must have some sort of mental ailment, to come out with the crap he is doing. keep up the good fight everyone regardless of what group, your in, as long as you work for the cause from whatever angle and are honest, in your deeds and actions then you are a true nationalist.

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The government are expecting the population to shut up and watch as Islam takes over. people have had enough, this will end up in a clash of civilisations. Mosques are being built everywhere, birth rates in the Muslim community are 3 to four times higher, and we are witnessing more and more unrest across Europe, carried out by so called peaceful Muslims. Sweden being the latest example. What happened in London was the most barbaric act ive ever seen on a British street, we either be all liberal and goody two shoes and allow islam to take over the world, or we protect our way of life. there is no middle ground.

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Cheers GA for bringing news of hope, Glad you are both home safe.

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I agree, it would kick off big style,

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Off topic but was hoping you chaps, But nationalists across Scotland were planning to march and honour Kris Donald, who you all know was murdered by islamic savages, in one of the most brutal and violent racist crimes in Britain. nationalists from every background were going to be in attendance, NF, EDL, BNP, none alligned nationalists, etc etc, there was going to be real unity at the march.
But guess what the SNP, or Scottish Muslim party as they are known in Scotland have caved in to islamic threats and ordered the police to ban the march, with threats of arrest toward anyone who defies the order. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/SDLInfidel... It seems SNP, MSP, and Muslim mouthpiece Humza Yousaf is adding his weight and pushing the islamic cause in Scotland, describing his area of glasgow as muslim, and declaring no nationalists or SDL will be allowed to march on "His Streets"

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I agree one years advance warning maybe a RWB type set up with thousand from all orgs, torchlight march etc

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You have lots of NF members happy to read and contribute by way of comments to this site, me included. I agree they need to perhaps reach out a little, but it seems every group they reach out to tries and gets them to water down policies. Most NF members help and support genuine nationalists all over the country.
I do not know who hosted the White pride day, and as far as the NF goes it does not matter because the party is white pride already. the NF are there, everyone knows where they are and what they are about, there is no need to reach out. people go to them. perhaps a bit pragmatic, but just the way it is. straight down the middle.

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lets do it like of old. We raise an army, marching from Scotland south, adding to our numbers as we go, hopefully thousands meeting up from across the land, and we sack parliament and London. Its our only option,,,,,Yugoslavia 2 is here. we need war commanders.