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English Lady, things CAN change and they will... It will not happen overnight, but the BNP showing in the UK GE will spur on the Dutch to support Geert Wilders, the Germans to throw out Angela Merkel and for nationalist governments to be elected throughout Europe (especially if Spain, Portugal and Italy follow Greece and go bankrupt).

I understand also that there is a new party in the States which is gaining momentum. I think it is called The T Party and is an offshoot of the Republicans. Voters everywhere are clamouring for a change from either voting for socialism (Marxism) or globalists (the rich elite) and they will bring it about.

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A valid point, L Glasper, but that additional milk would probably end up being imported from France or the like. It would possibly not benefit the incomes of British dairy farmers who appear to be going to the wall, thanks to the dictatorial manner of the supermarkets like Tesco paying peanuts for the milk.

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I cannot see whichever party forms a government running a full term. Give it 18 months and there will be another GE........ but THEN the BNP will have seats in Westminster and the likes of the BBC will HAVE to offer the same air time they currently afford to the Watermelon Party, UKIP (or KID-U) and other smaller parties.

That is when we shall get our policies in front of the electorate and then watch the sparks fly!

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I agree wholeheartedly!....... I have long advocated that there be a greater choice of menu, cooked (relatively) fresh and a small amount charged for each meal. After all, if you weren't in hospital you would be at home and paying for your own food.

Personally, I would rather pay a small charge than eat the garbage that they serve, much of it inedible!

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It is sad that voters can actually be influenced how to vote by what they read in a newspaper. Having said that, I would imagine by what we have experienced in recent decades of nation-destroying politicians, many of those 'readers' could only look at the pictures, being unable to actually read the print!

Anyone in this day and age that can be influenced by a newspaper does not deserve a vote. If they do not possess the ability to reason for themselves in a logical manner, they really are to be pitied, but sadly, there are millions of them and they drag us down with them.

However, the tabloids are on the decline, what they publish is becoming irrelevant because the internet is where the truth (or as near as you can get to it) can be found. Ordinary people espousing their views for all to read, as opposed to a state-controlled editor and a journalist who would sell his own mother for a florin!
Nick Griffin is right in what he says and proposes, and Britons WILL take back their country from the Marxists who seek to destroy us.

(£50 donated yesterday to our funds out of what this government calls a pension.......... I call it a pittance!)

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I shall watch this evening's edition of Look East to see if they make mention of it!

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MC, you are lucky to be getting your Freedom newspaper........... I signed up for 12 months got my first one in February and since then........... ZILCH!

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Jacinta, these are my thoughts forthcoming government will run a full term after the GE and it could be that within 12-18 months we have another GE. However, at the NEXT GE, with sitting BNP MPs, the BBC and the media will find it difficult to ostracise our party and its good sense policies.

Maybe 2010 will not bring us all that we may like, but it is a step towards the inevitable............ a Government made up of patriotic Nationalists, and it is going to spread all over the westernised world!... The world's citizens are beginning to see the light!

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I think also that many previous Labour voters will switch to voting BNP this time. Only the brain-dead Labour voters will carry on wanting more of the same.

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Hear! Hear!, Donna, we most certainly are what we are.......... a people once given to fighting for the underdog, a people who were once totally self-sufficient in all our needs, a people who were respected throughout the world. Holders of British Passports were welcomed across the globe........ but now those passports are handed out like Green Shield stamps by corrupt employees and demented politicians!

We WILL be a proud nation again, we WILL regain respect throughout the world, and we WILL become more self-sufficient in our needs........... but only when the looney-left liberals are kicked out and the patriotic right are in!

BNP = Fighting for Britain........ and for the BRITISH!