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Well spotted Dave. By the way I listened to the BNP Ideas conference audio and just wanted to congratulate you on your contribution. You are a stand up guy with a lot of wisdom..

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It's not a BNP policy at all. I'm suprised that anyone who has followed/supported the BNP for years would have the impression that it was. While I am against intermarriage myself, its clearly a non-starter to have a policy of outlawing it at this stage of the battle..

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Just because there is evidence (and if I was to play devil's advocate I could claim its forged) doesn't stop the constant reporting of this and similar spats as being gossip. There are so many cliques and apparently such little discipline that its completely unsurprising. My point is that we don't need to be constantly updated on them, especially not in an article about a conference regarding the way forward.

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I agree, I didn't see the need for such a negative article myself. Clearly the conference is taking place and clearly its best to see what comes out of it instead of re-posting gossip about infighting.

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How utterly despicable this whole affair was (assuming its over), from start to finish. That anyone has the temerity to refer to this as "victory" or a "success" shows just how free and objective the press really is. Tens of thousands killed and wounded, cities which look like something from the apocalypse, the trampling of international law, the brazen lies...a real "success". I won't forget this (nor their exploits in other countries including mine) till the day I die and I will never stop trying to hold them to account for it..

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A really great man! The following essay by him is one of my favourite:

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Thank you for highlighting the issues facing the Serbian people. Serbians have come to see the West in general as their enemy but in truth the native peoples of the West have also suffered from the horrific policies of their establishments. Further more most Western patriots always denounced the actions of their establishments in regard to Serbia and expressed their support for us, for which we should be grateful.

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The following is an update on the situation in Kosovo (also with references to Libya) written for a British audience:

It would be good to flag it to your readership..

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Not really, as you don't have to agree with everyone on every issue to be able to praise them when they do something well. And given that very few have the courage to speak the truth on the problems within the "black community", he should be applauded. Having said that his "minority" status has probably helped his career and no doubt provides him with a degree of immunity.

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"Maybe Captain America Transgendered, mincing across Times Square in pink leotard and five inch heels ?"