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Its wonderful to see again the familiar format that proved to be the most effective and popular website in British politics. We are happy to join with you today because the cause of nationalism in this country is more important than the fortunes of political officers charged with its stewardship. We are profoundly disappointed - not with the results of the Euro elections which were a great victory - but with the shennanigans during the 2010 election campaign and subsequently, that so discredited our Party and, by association, ourselves.

Its wonderful to see you back, Simon, supporting the honest membership who have remained loyal to you and the prospect of a revival of what remains of our wonderful country. We are worthy of the challenges involved in the stewardship of this country but I will never fight with my hands tied with the liberal socialist red tape that is so constraining to effective debate and analysis of the problems we all face.

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It just goes to show, labour want a " person to manage the effects on the atmosphere of the last 250 years of emissions" of course, preferably black or brown. This latest madness comes to you from those who owned the keys to the Bank of England, and LOST 7 billion pounds selling the country's gold.

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A leach is a leach and the fact that it likes champagne, calls itself a defender of the working man and admires Lenin also makes it a hypocrite. If people vote Labour time after time, and their children are poorer and have fewer good life chances than their parents, then draw the proper lessons and stop doing it.

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ALL people of native stock , now is the time for YOU to prove one and a quarter million good men and women of these BRITISH ISLES did not die in vain in the 20th century. VOTE BNP to regain your identity, freedom, future, and your COUNTRY. These islands are OURS, we do not have to share them if we don't want to.

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Typical - labour candidates really cannot tell the difference between right and wrong can they?

This ONE case makes clear why liberal socialists can no longer be trusted to exercise wise stewardship over the affairs of a formerly great nation.

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This sinister garb is the manifistration of militant rejectionist politicised islam and a symble of mistrust and oppression, together with the disgusting long frocks and headscarfs. Terrorists have no place walking the streets of this country unmolested by the law and plotting our distruction.

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Have you seen one of these twits trying to tackle an ice cream cornet, English Lady, they end up looking like unicorns.

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Yes sarah britain, and we should see to it that this unaceptable practice is OUTLAWED forthwith and the pervs made to PAY IN FULL for the costs incurred, before we throw them OUT.

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Powys~ it's so funny how great minds think alike, you are so right. My feeling is that we are nothing more than a " Self loading revenue stream", and as for jeremy VINE on the radio today, "CREEPY".

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If i am not mistaken, the glittering prize, for the old parties that is, of a multicultural supine Britain is worth the risk of a few bombs on a few planes to kill a few hundred " BIGOTS" who don't belive in the "message" any more. Every thing they say and do leads me to this conclusion. Would i trust ANY of them, again, NOT ON YOUR LIFE. BNP for me.