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Maybe the unions should tell Cameron that his foreign aid packages are unsustainable and must be reformed.

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Sam Newton is an idiot, he says that
Some 58 per cent of voters in East Goscote did not want the BNP – which is more than half!

so by the same reasoning:
58.5 per cent of voters in East Goscote did not want the Conservatives – which is more than half!

83.5 per cent of voters in East Goscote did not want Labour – which is more than half!

Is this the intelligence level of Leicester Mercury journalists or of its readers?

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I posted an article on my blog about it here: http://ukpoliticstoday.blogspot.com/2011/03/white...

I dont know what is worse, the fact ITV and All3Media went out of their way to make sure everybody knew that this was not a view shared by them (terrified of being called rascist?) and started an enquiry as to how this could happen, or the fact that the race equality thinktank the Runnymede Trust stated that an all white village does not reflect English society.

On another point, we had a French exchange student when I was at school back in about 1982 and he called us rosbifs, and he said it was because we ate roast beef and the french say 'rosbif' instead of 'roast beef', mind you we said he ate horses. It was all good natured banter, something that is not allowed these days.

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Lamb? was it halal? most of it seems to be these days.

I dont understand why these students are protesting, the NUS actively campaigns against the BNP on grounds of being racists and against forced multiculturalism, yet moans when the fees go up to subsidise foreign student fees. Talk about double standards.

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It does look tasty, the gravy looks a bit thick though.

Regarding my cheese experiment, no bad dream that I can remember, just an enjoyable dream about getting drunk with some friends.

I will have to up the anti next time and go for 'flavour level 2'.

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Now then, I have put the 'cheese gives you nightmares' theory to the test many a time and have fond no correlation between the 2.

However I will try the experiment again.
My cheese of choice is a mild chedder (flavour level 1, smooth and creamy) from Aldi.
The chunk measures about 2 inch long, and half inch by half inch on the end. It is 1.36 a.m.

I shall report my findings, if any, later on today.

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Surely the EU could be used to force the UK price down.

1.130 EUR = 0.946580 GBP

Check it here: http://www.xe.com/ucc/convert.cgi?Amount=1.130&am...

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Chicken wings...

Just bones with spicey skin, total waste of time.

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I agree Observer, its a pity that UPI.com (100 years of journalistic excellence) didnt report it without adding its own biased views.

"...the far-right SVP has long played on fears of surging crime rates, the loss of traditional Swiss culture and the abuse of the generous welfare system by immigrants to raise support for its xenophobic initiatives. "

Its not 'xenophobic' to deport foerign criminals, why should the Swiss put up with immigrant criminals and especially 'asylum seekers' or refugees who thank the Swiss people by commiting crimes.

"the loss of traditional Swiss culture and the abuse of the generous welfare system by immigrants"
This is not 'xenophobic', why should the Swiss lose their identity and culture?
Does UPI.com want to se a Europe that is the same all over, with the only difference between any European country being the weather and the language spoken.

Keep your biased reporting to yourselves, it doesnt interest me, I want undiluted facts.

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Lets hope all those criminals dont just seek 'asylum' in the UK.

I also expect there will be a cry of racism over the sheep poster, but to me that poster is a reference to 'the black sheep of the family', not whites kicking coloured people out.

We shall see.