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This is fantastic! It doesn't slow down my computer anymore and I can expand replies and scroll down to read them without waiting for my ram to catch up. Yay! I will probably doing a lot less lurking now.

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I love all of you so much. I have watched both of these for-the-ever and it never gets old.

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Voilà ! Merci beaucoup !

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Holy shit! The Dr. Seuss Sneetches Star Belly theory has now come full circle.

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Man I used to LOVE 30 Helens agree. TKITH were the best ever. Did you see their "God is Dead" skit? It was hilarious. Somehow somebody got a hold of God's Member's Only jacket and that was proof that he died or something like that. Hee hee. They are my everything.

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This has been the best thing ever so far today!

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I know! I saw those Aniston posts and I was so excited to see what crazy she would bring...then nothing. It's so sad. I wonder where she relocated. Because you know she did. She needs an outlet for her Brangelina and KStew obsessions. Why do I keep calling Boyc a she? We both know it's Jon Voight. Silly me.

I don't know if you figured out the follow thing yet because I am late to this reply, but you have to click on the name of the commenter and actually go to their profile for the follow button to work. For some reason doing it from here doesn't register.

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I do too. Every.Damn.Time.

In other news, I'm sad that there seems to be no sign of Boyc Ottintouch since the redesign. That is the true crime that came out of all of this Gawkraken crap. Have you seen her?

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That is the most lovely V Day post ever. Your man is a good'un. Particularly with that Brooklyn accent. Accents really accentuate a good man. Mine is British and that accent makes his beautiful presence just that much better.

Happy V Day Betty. You totally deserve your piece of heaven there. <3

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If I missed a thread about this already, I am very sorry, but I have a meeting to go to in five minutes and my skimming skills have missed it.

I was wondering how we know if somebody is replying directly to us in a thread or if it is a reply to somebody else. I know that there is a tree like structure, but sometimes at the beginning of the tree it might look like it is replying to the original comment, but then it ends up being a reply to one of the comments that replied to the OP. Like if somebody gives a compliment to somebody else but it is kind of general and could apply to more than one person, I don't want to embarrass myself by saying, "Oh thanks" and then have it be about somebody else in the thread. I do that too often IRL. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys! Love this site so much.