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This is my new favorite thing ever.

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A change in diet will do that as will exercise. Both, of course, also lead to weight loss.

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Oh don't get me wrong. I am too. But there are idiots out there who will scream and rant and rave about terminations post 20 weeks as "horrible" and "infanticide" and blah, blah, blah, because they don't wish to admit that they have to go even later into a pregnancy to enjoin their precious sentimentality of the fetus as "baby" to that of the larger population.

But it's the "not past 20/24/26 weeks" crowd that truly enrages me the most. I want to go medieval on their asses. These "people" would inflict what amounts to their PERSONAL OPINION (that a 20 week fetus is the same as a born infant) onto women in the one of the most horrific of personal medical crises. These assholes actually believe that these are largely cases of election because - when visiting more hell on someone already in hell, why should they EVER educate themselves as to the process of a pregnancy and all that CAN go wrong?

If there is a metaphysical hell, it has a special spot for those people.

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Oh, I can speak to a much larger sample size and even personal experience when it comes to the fantasy of "submission" that isn't really true submission. I grew up in a hella closed-minded area of Brooklyn. Though raised Lutheran, I attended a Jesuit uni for undergrad, also still in NYC. Both environments were populated with the Personal Piety Obsessors breed of metro-area Catholic.

The misogyny in these environments was Grade A mint style. Rabidly anti-choice males who saw sex as a "conquest" and as the right of male passage. Equally rabidly anti-choice females who were brain battered out of controlling their own sexuality. Nothing, I mean NOTHING frightened these crowd more than a sexually assertive female who had sex - gasp! - because she WANTED to.

And nearly all of the women I knew from these circles equated male control with their own desirability. It allowed them to feel SOMETHING, because if engaged autonomously meant she was going straight to hell. Male domination gave them an excuse to be sexual because they were merely caving to HIS desires.

And don't even get me started on the unspoken obsession with gay male erotica fiction (like "Interview with a Vampire"). It allowed these women to objectify males sexually, but ONLY when they could identify with a fictional male character. He was male, so it was OK for him to aggressively sexually pursue other males. And when they were in his head, it was OK for them.

PS. Ann Rice herself was raised in that Personal Piety Obsession type of religion. (In her case, also Catholicism).

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I'm in make-up final hell this week, y'all.

Alternative Views will return next week. Sorry!

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Isn't Teeny already on break? Or no?

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I loathe this man.
Loathe him.

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It's a compelling take that is very clear to you IF, and only if, you possess empowerment in the first place.

The women to whom "50 Shades" and its R-rated precursor, "Twilight", most strongly appeal are from environments in which female empowerment is strongly discouraged, largely because their sexuality is repressed. Listen, you can't be focused on all that stuff she's encouraging without ALSO being in total charge of your own sexuality. The two walk hand-in-hand. You either accept, own and engage in a sex life of your own choosing, which will most likely mean that it won't be exclusive to one man - or you focus entirely on getting a committed relationship so that you can be sexual at all.

Sexual awakening doesn't happen to normal people at age 30. It happens much younger than that. However, trying to make a committed relationship work when you're in your late teens or early 20s takes a fuckload of dedication because the person with whom you're trying to make this work is presumably (and preferably) in the same age group. Focus on your career and education at that time and you may have to have your own schedule that doesn't work with his or may even have to move to different locations! You can't have sex under those conditions because - GASP! - it won't be with the same guy!!!

I realized this after seeing just who among the women I knew was into this whole Stalker Love shit. I realized that it isn't about laziness as much as it's about how much they had their sexuality pounded out of them, especially when they were raised to marry the first guy who asked.

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They appeal to the masses because the MASSES don't respect female autonomy.

Anti-choice hysteria is the one bigotry they'll still loudly support because it has a whitewashed appeal to sentimentality; the "baby". Get anyone of those fuckers into a conversation about how they're forcing their personal preferences onto couples who are facing a heartbreaking medical tragedy when they have to elect a late D&C because of fetal abnormality or threat to the woman's life from Pre-E or a fetal status that is incompatible with life once outside the womb and suddenly these assholes are ALL about the "exceptions".

They're about the "exceptions" in the majority of cases of late second trimester D&C's because they suddenly realized that someone IMPORTANT and IN CHARGE is involved: the man. That's when they're all about their "compassion" and how they'll "allow it". See, when it was about punishing those lascivious sluts who "won't accept responsibility" for the crime of having had sexual intercourse they didn't pre-approve, then they want them to Pay, pay, PAY!!!!!!! How DARE you murder an infaaaaaaant!!!!

Remind them that the women they WANT to punish would have had their terminations long before the second trimester and they don't have an answer.

They truly are disgusting in their hatred.

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Well, that rocked. Loved the close up on her bosom. LOL