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Technically, yes. But of course, in this world, as in the real world, rules are often bent or outright disregarded (like the major breach of the hospitality rule that we all just witnessed).

Also, as the brother of Ned Stark, his order in the succession would have to come after all of the Stark boys in any case. I think according to the rules of the North, he would come before any of the Stark daughters, but this is debatable. Other regions (most notably Dorne) practice equal primogeniture, and this has caused a lot of confusion and a few civil wars in the history of Westeros.

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Does anyone else see a parallel between this sort of thing and all those people who thought that posting a 'notice' on their Facebook would somehow exempt them from the nefarious terms of service? Apart from the racist motivations and overall degree of craziness, it seems to have the same underlying contradictory logic: simultaneously holding that the system is illegitimate and out to get you, and at the same time having the ultimate faith in that same system by believing that it contains some secret cheat codes which will ultimately validate and legitimize your conduct. The idea that the normal rules are traps that ensnare the other sheeple while you, as one of the few extraordinarily informed and free-thinking citizens, have managed to find the REAL rules is the very American sort of narcissism that explains the appeal of these sorts of memes.

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Walking three miles is indeed no problem usually, however when each of you is towing a backpack full of stuff, and you also have a dog, a cat in a carrying case, her litterbox, and a bag of food that you're trying to salvage (most of which we later ended up dumping), it's not really an option.

We showered Sunday afternoon when they had already cut off the hot water pre-emptively. We didn't get to the other apartment until Wednesday night.

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Looks like Crasstalk has endorsed him too!

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There's no way these girls are actual Jugalettes. Though equally trashy, they are still like several standard deviations above anyone you could expect to see at one of these.

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Chill, everyone, it's okay. Turns out he just thinks women are ducks.

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And by "mad at" you mean "jealous of".

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This was during my girly drink phase. It was the mid 00's, please no hair-snarking (oh who am I kidding, that's the only reason I'm posting this anyway).

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[youtube d4MqTCIDKhU youtube]