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Awz. Well - thanks for your service. On a happier note - the Pasadena police were very helpful when my friend's car stalled out in '94. They were helping us push it into a parking spot on Colorado when some chick stole the spot. The officers tried to reason with her; she wouldn't budge. They told us they wrote "BIP" (bitch in public) in their computers, so... the next time she was speeding, etc. she'd be sure to get a ticket. Yay! To this day, I love that story. You guys have a really, really hard job, SM. And a lot of us appreciate your humanity, humor, and kindness in the line of service.

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Call a windshield company and get an estimate for replacing the windshield. Safelite - or someone like that. Year/Make/Model is all they need, etc. The plumbing company knows one of their workers (and who) was in your neighborhood at that time. 3pm means on the clock.

I think it will all be okay, Bens. Windshields aren't as expensive as they look (as it were.) I think I replaced my last one for, like: one or two hundred dollars. Pardon - I can't remember the price. And it had that special antenna stuff in it and, like: anti-glare, rain sensitivity, etc. and all kinds of modern stuff.

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You're doing great! Was it on this site I saw the image of a man with a sign reading (paraphrased) 'fire those greedy teachers with their 1993 Nissan Sentras' or something like that. Broke my heart.

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"Or suicidal."

Oh... you made my night, Salome. Thx very much for the laugh. Fonzed, my love.

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Pension investments are not controlled by union members. They are controlled by banks/investment banks/investment funds. Hence, the disappearance and/or reduction of those funds when invested in... mortgages ca. 2008.

Furthermore, a freeze in salary (re: Federal employees) is done to circumvent early retirement and/or laying people off. We have a candidate running for mayor (here in my hometown) with a platform of firing public service workers and outsourcing their jobs - no negotiation. Not cool. And they'll probably get voted in by people who think like yourself, and *then* you can help pay their unemployment. Win!

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I wish I could help, tactics-wise. From a psychological standpoint, I suggest wearing an excellent suit (or whatever makes you feel good) speaking in measured tones (and only when necessary) and Xanax.

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I'm going to give this a shot - and think of different types of groups. Hmn.
Air shows: Pilots and plane owners are cool people, generally. Sometimes old, but definitely cool. Aerobatic pilots make bad boyfriends - they are always on the road.
Vintage car shows: Vintage car owners sit by their restored cars and will LOVE to talk to you about them. Easy pick-up - and the (2) I went out with before Mr. Boxy were both great in bed.
If I think of anything else, I'll let you know. But generally, the moment I moved away from the artsy-intellectual type (who usually only whined, like me(!) was the second I was not dateless for months at a time.

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"And it doesn’t include much about other refinements we have in the pipeline."

Nice grammar there, babe. And random pluralization drives me fucking insane. Having written that - I don't read Gawker because *you people* are why I read Gawker. Denton sucks hind tit.

Pardon my language.

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I dunno. I've had baby boomer men chasing me since I was 16. It's a salient (and controversial) point that times were very different in that brief time frame of post-pill, pre-HIV - particularly regarding older men and younger women.

I've always dated men who were at least 5 years older than me - on up to over 30 years. I've never been able to figure it out, actually. Of course, Mr. Boxy is - um - ten years younger than me. And I can't figure that one out, either.

Lovely post Ms. Salome - and I adore Woodstock! I have some excellent friends up there, miss it dearly, and am disappointed to write I've never had tantric sex up there. Yet!

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Oh, dear. The skills do get a lit-tle rusty, I think. Print design for commercial application isn't easy, either. Best of luck in finishing the menu, and good for you for figuring out where you want to go w/ work. That might be half the battle. (Pardon, Cookies...)