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Women can own property, but only if they are married first and no male children are over 18 when their husband dies. No reason whatsoever to learn to bake poison cookies, no sir!

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Divide by innocent black error.

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So is this DA going to go after the guys who made paper targets of Obama now that nearly a dozen white folks have tried to get into the White House to kill him? Inquiring minds want to know.

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What is hilarious is that Perry might actually go to jail during this.

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We should have a national day to celebrate Sherman's March to the Sea.

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According to the Tea Partiers the Anti-Federalists our the founders of our confederacy.

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That has always been secondary, intelligence agencies have traded information they acquire for favors and material, forever and ever. The US is in the top 5 for industrial spying in the world. They are just really, really good at it.

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Don't forget that he said buying houses in 2007 was the best idea ever, and that recessions were impossible with hand-waving/low taxes/great time to invest. 2008 he got on the air, multiple times, and still refused to say we were in a recession when the DOW was sleeping with the fishes and 200-300k jobs were evaporating a month.

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A few decades ago they had to excise the two largest retirement communities from being able to vote on county-wide education measures. Some of them were trying, this is in the 1980's, to make the last three years of high school optional. In other words, to lower compulsory schooling back to the early 1900's levels of 15-16. So they prevented unincorporated towns from voting in elections which screwed over other towns to this day.

The problem is, the old people escaped into the wider community. Now there are 100's of service industries to keep old people in the homes they lived in when they were working age. The white baby boomer population there is one of the largest in the West and almost all their youth is hispanic. In 40-50 years it is going to look like a South American country within the borders of the US is my guess.

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Vagina surgery is 10k in Thailand.