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when will they say who among us are on double secret probation?

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You're right as always, my friend, but unless these superrich decide to split up and each move to a different congressional district, they are just pooling their money to buy one strident asshole they have to buy again every two years.

Is Grand Rapids fed up with this shit? Ehhhh doesn't matter. The fancy people in the big house make their decisions for them.

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yeah the mighty grand rapids engine of commerce is definitely known as a national bellwether.

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What about the six cans of whipped cream and the Astroglide?

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<p dir="ltr">In the movie I think Peggy is played by Joan Rivers ;)

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My president's a Kenyan Socialist, and I smell like Bourbon and yesterday's cigarettes.
-Peggy Noonan

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You know what other political regime capitalized a lot of Nouns?

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You go girl! Go get that money! Fuck the haters!

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The poorly thought out sideboob concept thing, ehhhhh not so much, right? Why did that frantic half baked idea get deployed earlier today?

So you were going to quit, and you're being repressed. So you're like I'm out of here, and that attractive brunette said you can't leave, you're the only one I can stand to talk to.

Then the scrambling bargain? Like, um, not enough control here? Tell you what I will make you an empire of your own. It will have everything, nice things, um, yeah, it's about nice things, and I can get everyone I ever knew to write something for free in it, and you yes YOU, will run the whole thing,.

Except for making any decisions about personnel, business, pay, advertising, editorial issues, money, photo ops, or vacation schedules! Besides that, everything is yours! Something like this? Eh, maybe.

But I've been here long enough to see the signs, kinda looks like pledge drive week. Then the sad announcement. Then the new management. Probably James O'Keefe.