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The writer evidently believed that by inscribing his message in cement it would literally be set in stone. I guess such arrogance is one of the perks of Christian privilege.

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I also don't hate Christmas. In fact I enjoy certain secular aspects of it, such as the colorful decorations, especially those done by my wife who's very creative in making holiday designs. Some of the public displays are also quite elegant.

Here in the Philippines, the overwhelming majority of the population is Roman Catholic, and the people don't pay much attention to the county's Constitutional mandated separation of church and state especially at Christmas. Still I don't feel the least uncomfortable as an atheist here because there's no overall hostility to non-believers as there is in the U.S.

And there's none of that red herring ''war on Christmas'' b.s to put up with about the ''happy holidays'' greeting,

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Even if Moore does win, he will have an uphill battle being accepted by his new colleagues and even faces the possibility of expulsion form the Senate. And whether or not those who voted for him don't think he's a child molester, many (most?) other Americans consider him to be one and will condemn Alabamans for putting Moore in office. Ironically, they won't consider the other ''valid criticism'', mainly his record as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court as an equally valid reason that he's not fit any for public office. T

The bottom line, is that if Moore wins, the Republicans still lose., But the problem is so does everybody else. And if it's tribalism to demonize Alabama for turning this POS loose on the rest of the country, then I stand guilty as charged.

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Oddly. so- called feminists in the regressive Left sympathize with Islam and label anyone who criticizes its misogynistic practices as racist.

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I suppose the end-times litmus test could apply to atheist candidates as well, say for example a non-believer who states that a nuclear conflict with North Korea is inevitable in the next few years. He or she says that (s)he will gear his / her foreign policy accordingly. However, in doing so that itself could trigger the war that (s)he predicted.

But the biggest deal breaker of all for me is a presidential candidate who says (s)he is running for that office because God told him / her to do so. A president who came close to that was George Bush who after he was in office says that God told him to invade Iraq. Just google "george bush god told me to invade iraq'' and note the search results.

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I'm also indifferent to most holidays. Yet as I kid I enjoyed Thanksgiving feasts, although thanks to my father's distaste for fowl, our TG dinners were usually roast beef. After I got married, my wife and I still followed the Turkey day traditions either with friends or at restaurants. Now as an expat residing with my wife in her home country, we still observe the holiday by going out to dinner.This year it was Appleby's which of course is U.S., but alas turkey was not on the menu.

Another way I'm reminded of Thanksgiving is that the call centers in the building across the street from our condo are closed on that day which is otherwise not observed in this country. Evidently these companies serve America- based businesses and follow their schedules of operation accordingly.

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One reason for the perceived decline of interest in atheist blog may be social media. Personally I find that I'm spending a great deal of time engaging in debates with fundies and other theists in Facebook, and some of these exchanges get quite involved. Hence, that cuts into topics that previously I might have otherwises posted to my own atheist blog site.

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''“I don’t remember dating any girl without the permission of her mother.”'' https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/roy-moore-says-di.... In other words here is an adult male--apparently in his 30's--admitting to relationships with girls who are young enough to require parental permission to be alone with him. (And why in the world was it even given? Such consent is the material of jokes about Southern culture) And it's only now that he's admitting this behavior after initially giving the impression that he would never even consider interacting with adolescent girls this way. So little by little it seems that Moore is drifting towards admission that the accusation against him has at least some merit.

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If Jesus is ever proven to have existed as a historical figure no matter what color, wouldn't that imply that he was a mortal human? If so, that would be the end of Christianity.

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Trying to give them the critical information that they need takes us back to the square one that you pointed out with the difficulty of basing citizenship test versions based on the immigrants' respective cultures. There are just too many of them. So in the end the onus is on the alien to ''know before you go''.

As for refugees fleeing war or persecution, note how many of the boat people from the Middle East upon safely reaching land in Europe from hot spots like Syria almost immediately selected the countries where they wanted to migrate, mainly England, and stowed away on trucks bound for that country. So they must already have had some idea that Great Britain would be a desirable location for them, and they intended to do something about it. In such instances, I have to wonder whether assimilation, is even a consideration let alone a priority if they're not even going to bother about entering their chosen destinations legally.