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If a Christian or any theist for that matter were to impugn my morality because I'm an atheist, I would simply ask "If you need a god for you to be good, how good are you really?

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In the 1960's, the youth movement for civil rights and against the Vietnam engaged in demonstrations but couldn't vote because the minimum voting age was for the most part still 21. Now that it's 18, and there's an issue in which they've shown an interest, maybe that will spark their participation in coming elections. Here's hoping.

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April Fool's Day / Easter. Tomato / Tomahto.

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One of the most most succinct comments that I ever read regarding this topic was on Facebook: "If you don't want people to laugh at your beliefs, don't have funny beliefs".

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I second that emotion. Nature is awesome to behold in its web of interconnectedness. And as for seeing sheer beauty, gazing at the night time sky with or without a telescope and realizing what lies beyond our world is an incredible experience that theism can't begin to approach.

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America needs to get over its obsession with guns and break the grip of the NRA on lawmakers. If a sufficient number of young people have been politically aroused by the school shooting in Florida, maybe they can make the difference in the coming years. Unlike many of the activists of my generation during the 1960's , they will eligible to vote at any an earlier age. I sure hope they utilize that advantage.

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Yet other First World countries also are exposed to the same violent movies and computer games that are supposedly at least partly to blame for the acceptance of violence in the U.S. But that doesn't seem to lend itself to the atmosphere of aggression there as it does in America.

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The U.S. needs desperately to overhaul its culture of violence and gun worship. Why are so many Americans obsessed with ownership of these weapons, the more destructive the better? Why do so many gun owners delusionally believe that they can fight off ''tyranny'' if in fact the government did come for their assault weapons( which really isn't a half bad idea)?). Why is America the only First World country that has this mentality in the first place? Maybe the Second Amendment should be repealed or at least rewritten. But still its present supposed ambiguity doesn't explain or justify the gun-nut mindset that is holding America hostage.

At one time the NRA was an organization comprised mainly of hunters and geared towards such issues as gun safety. But it has morphed into the lobby of gun manufacturers and the voice of gun crazies that is so powerful that most politicians dare not oppose its influence. How disgustingly sad.

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You're dead wrong about Jews, Ann. In the U.S. even most ultra-Orthodox Jews don't try to impose their beliefs on others. When was the last time a Hasid tried to bar you from eating pork, or wearing short sleeves (which is considered immodest for women)?

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The faithful almost never want accept that the burden of proof for God's existence is on them but instead on atheists to disprove that there really is a supreme being. But it's fun to watch them squirm when the argument is reframed that nonbelievers are not required to prove a negative and that's not our goal anyway. All we are asking for is evidence for God's existence beyond the lyrics of the song "I Believe''.