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Also, what's particularly disturbing is the increase in incidents of threats of violence ("I know where you live") by parents against school board members who advocate COVID mask and vaccine mandates.

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I based my comment on the observation--anecdotal as it might be--of the people whom I've known throughout my 76 years of life. The fundies whom I knew who were well adjusted were rare.

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Come to think of it, at least for the people I know there seems to be a negative correlation between religiosity and happiness.

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I don't know if the following is an indication of diminishing empathy in American society, but every year the number of incidents involving combative air passengers seems to be increasing. I recall a time when these confrontations almost never happened..

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You're not alone. I share your sentiments, and I'm sure that many other Dems and left-leaning people agree with you. The difference is that you stepped forward and expressed them.

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I think that it's even more unsettling to find that well known people with whom one agrees on many philosophical matters turn out to be total jerks.

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Keep in mind that the starting figure was $6 trillion, which then cut to $3 trillion, then to $1.75 trillion. So I would say that it's the progressives who made the major concessions vs. the DINO'S Manchin and Senima who were really the ones throwing tantrums till they got their way

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I use Facebook mainly to connect and reconnect with family and friends scattered over space and time, which wouldn't have otherwise happened. So in that regard, I suppose that medium has made a difference in my life. I also find some of the features interesting but not compelling. So it's hard for me to understand that FB has been doing despicable things of late inasmuch as I haven't really been exposed to them.

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Absolutely. No one's personal beliefs entitles them to become a menace to society. Public safety must prevail., In fact The Supreme Court settled the matter about in 1905 in favor of states' prerogative to require compulsory vaccination. I don't see how in the world religious exemption could have taken precedent over that decision.

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Right., which is I said "may" be turned off. It seems that some parents can't imagine their own parish priest could do such a thing.