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Well, I suppose I stand corrected, partially anyway. It's good to know your self-hatred wasn't permanent.,

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I'm having a problem wrapping my head around the concept of a ''self hating'' atheist. Almost all of us inon-believers came to that perspective of their own free will, unlike, say, religion, race, or ethnicity which is conferred upon children by their parents and for which they didn't ask.to have thrust upon them.

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According to an article in the April / May edition of "Free Inquiry ", "Atheists: The Puppy Kicking, Chicken 'Loving' Serial Killing Cannibals Next Door?, A survey showed that even atheists themselves may be prejudiced against other non-believers. In a survey, a group of atheists were asked which group they think would be more likely to commit the above acts, god-believers or atheists. The respondents picked atheists.

The article goes on to say that negative feelings towards non-believers are not just an American problem but a worldwide phenomenon. So obviously, we've got a long way to go in changing public attitudes--some might say an uphill climb to the bottom--before we're truly accepted.as political candidates. But we'll have to accept each first.

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Republicans didn't get or didn't care that even if Ford had never surfaced with charges of assault against Kavanaugh, he's still unfit for the Supreme Court simply based on his own lack of merit. That should energize Democrats to vote. If the Dems take the House, there's a chance Kavanaugh could be impeached. That may be a long shot, but if the rethugs take the House AND keep control of the Senate, not to mention the reactionary direction that the Supreme Court will now likelyhead, that will obviously never happen. And worst of all, that could spell big trouble for freedom of and from religion in America.

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These book do indeed seem to be right up my alley. Thanks for the tip.

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Kavanaugh's meltdown at the hearing reminded me of Captain Queeg in the "Caine Mutiny" court martial scene.

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As a decades long astronomy / cosmology buff, I am awed by nature, especially that of the cosmos. Some of the Hubble telescope images that I've seen of far flung galactic clusters for example just take my breath away, not just for their physical beauty but also for significance behind them including their unimaginable distance from our world and from each other, and the fact that when we see them, we are looking billions of years into the past when their light originally emanated from them.

That doesn't mean that I feel spirituality in the sense of seeking a deeper significance to these marvels of the universe. I'm simply saying that I appreciate the wonders of nature, especially of those beyond Earth..

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You must be a marvelous seafood chef, Ann5678. You served up an excellent red herring. I said nothing about spirituality. And I see nothing wrong with considering sage advice that can be adequately expressed as an adage, As for civilized behavior and etiquette, I was going to ask what's wrong with decent conduct and courtesy. But obviously I would be asking the wrong person.

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My understanding of Hillel's precept is that he was referring to deeds that are done out of malice or spite. That's not the case in the examples that you gave or other unpleasant tasks that are part of living in a civilized society. This doesn't mean they're immutable or don't deserve to be addressed or whether they can or should be ameliorated. ,e.g. requiring the poor to pay for food. But what should be done about such hardships is beyond the scope of this discussion.

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I second that emotion.