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Um, resurrection?

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If prayer isn't working in church on Sunday to stop depression and suicide, how does she expect it to work in schools Mon-Fri?

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It's too bad no other "non-qualifying" applicants have come forward to complain. However, they probably refrained for the same reasons you did.

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I also grew up in era when begging was a last resort against starvation, and I hope that I'm never in a position that that I have to raise funds that way to survive. But apparently begging is now more acceptable. Still it was a shock when I first encountered GoFundMe on Facebook. I can't believe people not only publicly solicit money this way, and of course in doing so they have to identify themselves. I wonder if any of them feel a sense of shame for taking this step..

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Air travel really is the pits, and I'm glad that I haven't had to fly in years. The incidents that I've heard about make this form of travel sound as bad as the nightmarish steerage class on the ships that carried many Americans' ancestors to the U.S. It really is a shame that something better hasn't come along.

The funny thing is that high speed rail is now a reality in many other parts of the world, but is still science fiction in the U.S.

And speaking of mass transportation, here's something to think about. I heard that manned flight to Mars is set for the early 2030's. However, completion of the final leg of the Los Angeles subway to the city's West side is scheduled for about mid 2030's. In other words, the first manned journey from Earth to Mars may be ready and underway in less time than it's taking for the fist subway ride from Wilshire and La Brea to Westwood.

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It seems that whatever we atheists do to defend our interests as non-believers gets misinterpreted by Christians ( especially the fundies) anyway as war or persecution against them. So should we even care what they think?

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I follow Jack quite readily. If parents should be able to control how and when their children are disabused of the belief that mythical characters they believe in are real, that should include whether or not new ones are allowed to be introduced as replacements

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And the beat goes on. As a near-boomer (born in 1945) I can tell you that my generation also had serious issues with the silent generation (our parents) who bestowed on us such wonderful gifts as the Vietnam War and the war on drugs, both of which were disasters. During the 1960's and '70's In my extended family, the older people didn't take those of us who were young adults seriously. They were too wrapped up in own social and economic frames of reference. I think this was true of society at large. The were critical of our everything from our values to our music (which were often interrelated) just as we couldn't relate to their ways

So now that I'm an old man, when I hear my contemporaries scorn, for example, the musical tastes of Millennials, they sound just as narrow-minded as were our parents about rock & roll. That's why I try not to be judgmental about how young people tackle today's issues. They've got a lot of advantages that we didn't have when we were they age, but they also have their own crap to deal with,especially climate change. for which we seniors probably won't live long enough to suffer the severe disruptions.to humanity that it will very possibly lead to, unless immediate corrective action is taken.

In that regard. I only hope that younger people are in fact becoming more secular. After all it''s such religious beliefs that God gave humankind dominion of the Earth and we should go forth and multiply which previous generations readily subscribed to, that led to such severe problems as deforestation and overpopulation which in turn led to the mess in which the world now finds itself..

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I can't image anyone in the U.S. who's completed at least elementary public school school education without being taught in various subjects that the world is round. In fact formal schooling aside, just being exposed from early childhood onward to images on TV, in movies, etc., of the Earth as a globe, not to mention verbal references to same should suffice to instill an awareness of our world as spherical.

So I don't think that that the issue in this instance is an underdeveloped reality-based education ( the status of which as an approach to learning is a whole 'nother topic unto itself). Instead, I just have to wonder whether there is some kind of mental distrubance that would cause someone to ultimately reject one of the most basic facts of life

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It takes stubbornness to be a devout believer and that trait spills over into denial that it's possible for non-believers to reject the dogma of the faithful simply because they have other views, period.