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I gradually grew into atheism at midlife. And non-belief didn't make me emotionally happier per se, but it did simplify my world in that I finally realized that there was no supernatural being controlling my life or anyone else's and that things don't happen ''for a reason''. Whichever way events turn out, there's no outside force to praise or blame. Gaining this incite was a very liberating experience. .

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Well said, Ann5678.

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I think it's pretty obvious as to why political intolerance has gone downhill, more so in the last election perhaps than ever . In a word Trump. I can't remember any other president--beginning with his candidacy--who has polarized Americans so deeply on a visceral level. Sure, there have been heated campaigns and presidents who were misfits throughout American history before our time, such as James Buchanan. But the not so Great Pumpkin has done the worst damage to the dignity of the office of the American presidency to date and is implementing disastrous political and economic policies against the American people. And his followers just eat it up and call for more, no matter that they are cutting their own throats in the process. In fact, if he were removed from office via impeachment or the 25th amendment, there's no telling of the upheaval that his political base might resort to.

But if Trump does make it to the next presidential election, the intolerance level that the country experienced from him and his fan base in 2016 may well be mild compared to 2020.

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As an American expat in a predominantly Catholic country, I'm a dues paying member of the local Jewish temple. I occasionally attend Sabbath services for the social connections and the occasionally awesome lunch following the services. Many of the members as well as the rabbi know that I'm an atheist and obviously they wish that weren't the case, but they don't make a big deal out of it and in solidarity even visited me while I was hospitalized a few years ago.

On one hand, I spend most of my time mingling with the locals here. But at the synagogue, the setting is more cosmopolitan with an opportunity to chat with members and guests from all over the world. Also I find the subdued atmosphere of the service itself relaxing, and when offered a prayer book I politely decline. I'm just there to greet, meet, and eat. And in the 12 years that I've been doing this, it's worked out o.k.

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I once argued with a theist that there is no proof of God's existence. He countered that with the assertion that there is no proof that God doesn't exist. His ''reasoning'' is that the universe couldn't have possibly come into existence ex nihilo (despite scientific evidence that could have indeed happened). Therefore, it must have had a creator, who of course is God. Naturally, I asked if God created the universe, who created God. His response was the usual escape hatch of believers that God has existed '' for eternity''

My point is that believers just can't deal with the question that if the universe couldn't have come into being on its own, then likewis how could there be a self-creating God?.

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Maybe my etymology is off here, but the implication of ''subservient'' in terms of wives who choose to be so is that they are placing themselves even below (sub) that of servants (servient ) in other words, slaves. As such they are surrendering their rights to equal protection under the law and thus are leaving themselves wide open for domestic abuse by their husbands without recourse.

But by your libertarian standards, that's nobody else's business anyway. If they're beaten or even killed ''who cares what they do and on what grounds?''

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I once happened to notice a co-worker primping at her desk i.e.combing her hair and applying some face powder. I jokingly said "Don't worry. You look fine". Immediately after those words left my mouth I regretted saying them them. I thought for sure she would report me for making an improper comment. But she didn't seem bothered by what I'd said, and nothing more ever came of it. Nor should it have. But the point is that what was intended as a simple light-hearted remark could have been misconstrued all out proportion. That's how bad things seem to have become in the workplace,.

The above incident occurred in the early 2000's when the matter of sexual harassment in the workplace was already an issue. I'm very fortunate to now be retired., as I can only imagine how much even more fraught with misunderstandings (as Jack's and consskep's experiences demonstrate) interactions between genders have since become in that setting.

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Here is an anti-abortion argument that I have never come up with a strong response to:
"The woman says she has the right to choose, but what would the unborn baby choose?"

How's this for a response: ''Unborn baby'' is an oxymoron. If it's not yet born, then it's not a baby. It's a zygote, embryo, or a fetus . But until it leaves the womb, it can't properly be referred to as a baby, which is a young human . And for those who equate fetuses with ''unborn babies'', are live babies then ''post-born fetuses''?

The above may seem like semantics and word games, but using these tools is how the anti-choice crowd has hijacked the discussion. It's time for the pro-choice to take it back.

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That's a very interesting and powerful argument for the right to abortion. But playing devil's advocate, wouldn't an anti-choicer respond that unless you were raped, you chose to start the process by which fetus latched onto your circulatory system. Therefore you are responsible for keeping it alive.

But here's another argument to put some perspective on priorities on the value of an embryo vs. a living human: I'm in the same room with a bunch of anti-choicers. I'm holding both a baby and a petri dish containing a human embryo. I tell the crowd that I'm about to drop either the baby or the embryo on the floor, and they must choose which of the two it will be. What do you think will be their answer

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How absolutely insane can the anti-abortion crowd get?

Legislators in Idaho want to charge charge women who have abortions with murder.

Women in El Salvador who have miscarriages are are sent to prison because it's assumed the miscarriage was the result of an induced abortion, which is banned in that country.

What's next, criminalization of menstruation?