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If anyone thinks that America is not the land of Christian privilege, consider this. Suppose a retailer included in his / her TV that the company is Jewish owned, or better yet Muslim owned. How many viewers would be that kind of a disclosure attract?

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The Republicans' lack of decency to wait till the elections to fill the SCOTUS vacancy is reprehensible. But what does it also say about the ethics of Barrett, who as nominee is eagerly willing to participate in this farce? That's an angle I haven't heard the pundits discuss yet.

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I think that atheist couples (including my wife and me) are less likely to hit the print button because unlike god-believers we don't feel that we have to prove anything--either to our families or to society at large. And it's that submission to pressure to conform which motivates many (most) theists to have children, whether or not they really want to.

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I'm also old and have made numerous blunders in elections by either refusing to vote or voting for hapless third party candidates because the major party candidate who could have made a difference if elected wasn't ideologically pure enough for me.

I'm also not crazy about Biden / Harris but I definitely will vote for them. I say let's try to get them in office and fix any issues later. In short I try keep in mind the old Rolling Stones song lyrics:

You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometime you find
You get what you need

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Obviously, protest was also why I and most other realistic third party voters made that kind of choice. But in the end all we were doing was cutting off our noses to spite our faces. If the problem was unacceptability of the major candidates in a given election, we had to know that the more unacceptable of the two might win and we helped to make that possible.

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Technically, Reagan didn't legalize illegal immigration as a permanent policy. It was supposedly intended as a one time amnesty, but we know how that turned out.

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I've done enough third party voting in my lifetime and long since learned my lesson how t the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Al Gore would have been a clear winner in 2000 and we never would have had hanging chads Dubya but for Nader.

And I believe that this is indeed the most important election of since I became eligible to vote in 1966. A close second and perhaps a tie is the 1980 contest that gave us Reagan. That outcome sent America down the primrose path of Reaganomics and the Moral Majority, from which the country never recovered.

I'm also starting to worry that Trump may win in November, especially after the way he burnished his image at the RNC. if that happens,he will likely cause more damage in his second term than even Reagan did in both his terms combined. .

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Maybe if the course were offered as, say, "Atheism: A History Of Unbelief", it might be better received along with a better chance of being taught objectively even by theists.

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The indifference of the students there reminds me of their 1960's counterparts' to the admonitions against doing drugs. And many members of my generation in that era subscribed to the mindset of "Live fast and die young". The difference between that decade and now is, as you pointed out, that not only not only do anti-maskers place themselves at risk but they also put others in harm's way.as well.

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Or 2000 years from today?