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Most Americans pay little heed to the "WE" and assume it must mean them and anyone who "counts".. A fitting example is that the citizens often repeat the phrase that starts off "We the People" without realizing that when it was first authored, the "WE the people" meant "White, male, landowner of at least xxx acres' ( can't remember how many acres it had to be but "140 acres" comes to mind.

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It also protects commentors from being ravaged by some from the atheist community. Good move, VJack!

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"wonder what Catholics are waiting for?" A good question but one that will go wanting for an answer.

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I have been using those quotes from Matthew for more than forty years and every time it goes right over their heads as if I didn't say a thing. It is just one more thing that the Christians prefer to ignore in their "book", like stoning, killing, wealth, slavery, etc. etc.

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Try being a Roma AND an atheist!.

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If you are asking me, yes I have -- dozens of times -- and with a success rate of more than 90%. Before I adopted this approach, I used to record conversations or get their identity. That didn't work well. Getting them to put it in writing means that they know their answer may "see the light of day" in the print or broadcast media -- with no wiggle room. Taking note of the date, time and name still leaves one exposed to the "you said -- we said" situation or being neutralized by a "sweet talker" whose mission is to deflect complaints. The rank and file are used to make life more comfortable for upper-management. Also, if unsuccessful, the poor member of the rank and file puts their job at risk if you take the matter to the media. Try for the top. This is one of the things they get paid for. Make them earn their money.

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I agree with practically everything you advise except one. I recommend your well worded complaint, in writing, should go high as you possibly can. It is more likely that you will get more favorable results if the "top dog" passes your complaint down to another level for handling, than that same "top dog" getting involved when his underlings have already said "no" and his decision is not whether you are right or not, but whether he will experience a problem in the ranks by not supporting their decisions. Of course, a "paper trail" is mandatory. An attempt to communicate with you by telephone is to be avoided at all costs. Make them put there decision in writing! It also gives them a cooling off period as they consider whether you could really be correct. If this process appears like it is too much trouble, then you most likely don't have a complaint in the first place, at least not one that amounts to more than satisfying yourself that you "told them a thing or two".

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Hi Gang,
I think Matthew 6:5 - 7 covers the situation, if only the Christians knew how to read and heed their own bible.

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You most likely do not know anything about metaphors. The comment was a metaphor.

Definition of a Metaphor -- Similarity in some respects between things that are otherwise dissimilar.

I even used quotation marks to help the less educated understand that those words are not meant to be taken literally. As far as making you look bad, it would appear that you are doing quite well all by yourself.

P.S. "they're" should be "their". Also, "atheist" should be "atheists". Also, I admit that I have no knowledge what you mean by "breitbarts".

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Hi Gang,
As one who has alienated atheists much more than Christians, I concur totally with this conclusion of what is needed for a "revolution". Understandably, Groups 2 through 6 tend to distance themselves from Group 1. Its like the people who enjoy a great steak or roasted chicken but do not wish to know that some of us may have to work in a "slaughter house" where the object is to provide the "meat". They wouldn't know how to effectively "butcher a steer" but they don't like how we are doing it or would "prefer not to know what it takes". I can appreciate it that Groups 2 through 6 do not wish to get their clothes or hands "bloodied", but they may consider climbing down from their pedestals and join us in the "trenches" on occasion. We would enjoy the company and would most likely welcome the advice from experienced revolutionists, especially ones who have "blood on their hands".