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That's the same point I've made for many years. Religion puts clergy on a pedestal and people are genuinely afraid of going against the clergy, usually out of some fear that their priest has a direct line to God and can have them somehow injured for daring to disagree with his mouthpiece. It's why so many priests and pastors, when caught with their hands in the cookie jar, still get the overwhelming support of their congregations, even when they are heading to prison. It's also why parents are willing to leave their children alone with priests when they would never do that with any other individual. And when the priest takes advantage, parents are more likely to side with the priest than their own child.

Religion is a mind poison. None of this is at all defensible. It's just disgusting.

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I pretty much arbitrarily pick what days I feel like putting stuff up because I don't care about traffic anymore. People read it or they don't. I do it for me. I haven't looked at analytics in years and have no interest in it.

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People make strawman arguments everywhere unfortunately. Now I've written many times about the horrors of places like Nigeria (most of Christian Africa actually), there are tons of stories I've done on Horror Show Sunday where the religious commit outright murder because of their beliefs and don't seem to care. It wasn't too long ago that Uganda tried to pass the death penalty for homosexuals, based on the absurd beliefs of American criminal against humanity Scott Lively. I'm sorry to say that Africa, and many third world nations, are being taken advantage of by religion and need to stand up and throw off the shackles of irrationality. It's why the Catholic Church is focused on the third world, because they are the only ones that aren't telling the RCC what to go do with itself in large numbers.

Of course that had nothing to do with what I posted, so...

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Hmmm, how many people do atheists kill and how many do radical Muslims kill? Thousands every single month compared to what? Two incidents you could come up with? This is just a big emotional reaction, responding to a post from 6 years ago because you're hoping no one sees your blather. The Bible is a joke. Christianity is a joke. Anyone who approaches it from a position of evidence and rationality, as opposed to religion and blind faith, knows this. And religion is dying a sad and pathetic death in the western world. Good riddance to it.

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And somehow that's a bad thing? This isn't a popularity contest, it's reality. Give it a shot.

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I don't take anything for granted, especially when it comes to the MSM. I don't trust anyone farther than I can throw them.

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Hell, I've been happily married for more than 25 years now, apparently marriage doesn't work. My wife's parents have been married for more than 50 years. Totally miserable, I assure you. Mine would have been over 50 years too, had my father not died in 2003. The point here is that if being unmarried is right for you, it's right for you. Enjoy yourself. But keep your mouth shut about what other people ought to do. It isn't anyone's business what other adults do with their lives within the boundaries of the law. Anyone who thinks they get to tell others what to do, they deserve to get a solid metaphorical boot to the backside by people who have a right to decide for themselves.

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I ignore anyone behind a paywall. I don't care about any particular source because it is rarely just one single source that is reporting on a story. I care about the facts, not one source's opinions and since all mainstream news sources are so absurdly opinionated, I can just go elsewhere to get the facts. The MSM hasn't earned my money. In fact, they've earned nothing but my derision. I want them all to go out of business.

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No problem, I'm really looking for people who are actively trying to have intelligent conversations, I don't want people spamming news stories or memes or anything like that. Of course, that requires people actually being present on social media, which it seems more and more often, people are just scheduling posts through third party apps and aren't actually there very much. Of course, that's the biggest thing I hate about social media, it's all top-down, one person pontificating to the world and everyone following them around by the nose listening, instead of everyone engaging in fair and equal discussion on an even footing. So it's no surprise that I detest social media as much as I do.

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Who are some you would consider worth following and why? Because in all the time I was ever there, anyone I ever followed did the same thing: spam memes or news stories and that was about it.