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It all depends on whether or not the product is considered by likely consumers as worth paying for. It's for the free market to decide. If someone is putting out a product that they want to be paid for, but for which consumers are unwilling to pay for, then they aren't going to get paid. It's purely a cost/benefit analysis. If you think that there is sufficient benefit in the product to warrant the cost, then you will pay it. If not, then you will not.

I think a problem that we see these days is that a lot of people produce a product that they want to get paid for, yet they don't really care if their audience considers it worth paying for. This is especially true on places like YouTube, where everyone is begging for money, even if their product isn't very good. Being paid is the expectation. You get paid because you do it, not because you deserve to get paid. I don't think anyone asked anyone on YouTube to make videos for profit. That was a choice. Whether that choice pays off, that's down to merit. Nobody wants to hear that these days.

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There really isn't any difference between the two. Both are operating on pure emotion without an intelligent thought in their head. Both are following an unassailable authority and doing what they were told, because everything that disagrees is evil. Both are mindless evangelists who lack the ability to step back from their beliefs and evaluate them rationally. Both have blind faith that what they're doing is right and anyone who disagrees is a heretic that must be crushed.

So I'd say that your typical social justice warrior and your typical evangelist, they're both cut from the same cloth and suffer the same problems. Too bad neither of them will ever acknowledge it.

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Absolutely agree. Society has become all about fitting in, not about being original. Everyone is a sheep. Nobody is a shepherd. It's pathetic.

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Absolutely agreed. I dropped the r/atheism subreddit because you can't dare say anything conservative or you get abused. The rules apply to liberals only. Conservatives need not apply.

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Of course it's not unkind, any more than telling children that their imaginary friends aren't real. People need to grow up sometime. The religious tend to never do so. It's harmful to society.

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The same thing that I think when someone tells me they're religious. "You're an idiot".

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Unfortunately, Christians have enjoyed an unearned and undeserved privilege for centuries and now that it's going away, they're getting upset because they are no longer in control. It was never about equality, it was all about power.

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You simply don't talk about religion at work. Even the owner, who is a Christian, won't put up with it, period. You're there to work, not convert each other.

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My youngest daughter told me last week that there was a guy in her coding class who was having trouble with his homework, so his mother showed up to talk to the professor. The professor told her to get out. Her kid is an adult. He either learns to behave like one or he can drop the class. These people are just sad.

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While I agree that church became painfully pointless after I stopped believing, and even that some of the music was tedious even when I was a believer, I don't know that I thought church was terrible back in the day. I went to church twice on Sunday and every Wednesday evening willingly. Nobody made me, I volunteered. But like most of the Bible, it isn't so bad if you just don't think about it. Just let the rhetoric wash over you and don't pay much attention. If you can do that, and I absolutely couldn't do it today, then sitting there for an hour or two isn't so bad.