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PZ is a douchebag, not because of his scientific credentials, but because he's a far-left windbag. The problem is that a lot of people on the extreme fringes, like PZ, see everything to the right of Stalin to be a Nazi. These are people who view Communist International as pikers. It's really just sad.

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It's why there are no productive discussions going on. When one side is doing nothing but screaming "Fuck Trump" childishly, but they don't even know what Trump is doing, outside of what they're told in their echo chamber on social media, what do you expect?

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This is a major problem these days, where people will come to identify with labels, to the point that if you insult the label, they take it as a personal insult against their person. That is stupid and reveals a base irrationality in the thought processes. You are what you are. You are not the sum of the labels you choose to stamp on your forehead. I am a skeptic because I behave skeptically. I do not do so because I have an emotional attachment to the idea of being a skeptic. This is exactly why identity politics and religious identity are such toxic positions. They push people to identify with a word instead of just being themselves.

But that's hard, isn't it and just mindlessly stamping things on your forehead is easy. And stupid. Mostly stupid.

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Then by all means, explain. Make sure you provide evidence and logical thinking.

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Yeah, that's probably pretty accurate. Is this crap pile still on the air? I stopped caring about 30 seconds after I gave up on it.

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Exactly. Far too many of them have their heads in the clouds, thinking that everything will magically work out, but what do we do until then? What do we do tomorrow? They don't want to think about that because that's actually a hard question to answer. We have to live in the world we actually live in and that's not something the leftists really want to do.

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At the time that post was written, he was the only visually active mod on the whole subreddit. He was the one closing all of the threads. He was the one running around putting atheists down. Now you showed up and started doing the same thing. Had the article been written today, it would have been written differently. You have to keep in mind that anything here was probably written 1-2 months ago and scheduled in the next available spot. There is a very long lead-time.

Now maybe you ought to stop running around trying to dox people or whatever it is that you're trying to do and get back to your pathetic excuse for a life. You already have people in that thread disagreeing with your actions, your "4 mods agreed" but not in public kind of thing and frankly it doesn't matter. So I think we're done here. You won. Take your victory lap and think anyone gives a damn. Adios.

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There was nothing remotely sexist about it. Posting facts from a reputable source like Pew Research isn't sexist, just because it says something you don't like. Reality isn't sexist. Maybe you ought to rent a clue and figure that out.

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No, I got banned because I wouldn't follow a particular political ideology. I got banned because certain mods, and you know who you are, are treating your political beliefs like a religion, with every bit as much blind faith as the theists that show up in the subreddit. It's not like I care because, thanks to those unnamed mods, the subreddit had lost any redeeming features whatsoever.

So pat yourself on the back. You wouldn't believe how many people I've gotten messaging me saying that I did nothing at all wrong.

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I'm just tired of the political left. They have largely turned into a political religion. It really is just sad.