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In what way?

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It all depends on whether the emotional harm is rational, I suppose. Today, it seems like people are looking for a reason to be offended by everything, no matter how innocent. Those people can go fuck themselves, I don't care if they are offended, in fact, the more offended they are the better. That's not harm because they shouldn't be so immature as to be offended by the things they are. When you take two equally mature and rational people who aren't using emotion as a weapon, as unfortunately a lot of people on the left do, there are rarely problems. But you need that maturity and rationality and far too many are lacking one or both.

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People can and do change, but that change always comes from within, it can never be imposed from the outside. It's why deconversion or debate just doesn't work in the long term. People have to decide to change and when their heads are full of superstitious nonsense, the chances of getting them to change their mind, really change their mind, are minuscule at best.

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People aren't happy with ignorance so, given no actual answer, they just make something up and pretend they've discovered truth. It works for religion and it works for superstition. It just has no rational validity.

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No, sorry but there isn't. This is exactly like religion. Emotional attachment to an idea, bizarre conspiracy theories and ignorance. No one ought to be impressed.

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The problem with the ancient aliens ideas is that they promote the argument from ignorance, just like the religious do. "I don't get it... therefore ALIENS!" It doesn't matter if you want to insert gods or aliens or magic or whatever into the argument, the simple fact is, the only rational answer one can give to a question with no answer is "I don't know". You can never have a conclusion until you can show that conclusion is reasonable and you can only do that with evidence.

Alien advocates have no more evidence than god advocates.

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The Christian can come at it from any direction they want, but they still have no evidence for their claims. The supernatural? Prove it. They can't even define what the supernatural is, they can only describe it in terms of what it is not. They cannot produce a single demonstrable example of anything supernatural. It's really just a placeholder for "I don't understand". But what can be accomplished when one side holds beliefs they cannot justify and the other side is looking for the actual facts? Philosophy doesn't prove anything. It is not a tool to demonstrate things about the real world. You cannot prove the existence of a new species of ant with philosophy. It doesn't work that way. You can never prove the existence of God with philosophy. It has never and will never work that way. And every single religious philosophical argument is fallacious on its face. They start with unjustified assertions, throw in unsupportable claims and end with "therefore... God!" That's not how philosophy works! It's why the religious always fail, except when it comes to those that already believe and have a desperate need to continue to believe.

Faith does have no place in an intellectual discussion. Faith is the lie that you tell yourself when you want to believe something for which you have no good evidence. But we don't have to have faith in science, science is demonstrable. Science has evidence. We can measure the things in science, we cannot do that for anything in religion. Your feelings don't matter when it comes to fact and truth. What you want to be true is irrelevant. It only matters what is actually true and religion has no means to show that any of the things it preaches has any objective validity. It isn't rational, it only uses ad hoc rationalizations to get to a preconceived conclusion that they desperately want because it makes them feel good. Reality doesn't care about your feelings and if you cared about the truth, if you wanted to believe only what was actually so, you wouldn't either.

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Let me try this in parts because it doesn't like it as a whole.

We don't have to "claim" anything, we point to the objectively demonstrable evidence and come to the best supported conclusion, provisionally, that we can. It doesn't matter what anyone claims, it matters what they can prove. It doesn't matter what you want to accept, it matters what is best supportable, regardless of how that makes you feel. We both understand that the religious, it isn't just Christianity but most religious people want to pretend they're better than everyone else because of this made up nonsense they keep in their head and desperately want to be true. But they can't actually prove any of it. And it isn't that Christians make me think that, it's that Christians state it clearly and proudly. Not all, of course, but it wouldn't take more than a couple of minutes with Google to find lots of Christians, especially fundamentalist or evangelical Christians, saying exactly that. They're not ashamed of it, it's part of who they are and what their beliefs are.

And that's why you have to separate what you believe, based on emotion and wishful thinking, from what you can prove, with evidence and critical thinking. Unfortunately, the religious, not just Christianity because I think all religions are guilty of this, but the religious have no evidence and nothing that withstands critical scrutiny. They just assert that the things they believe are true and nothing anyone says will ever convince them otherwise, in fact, some of the biggest Christian apologists out there have said exactly that. There is no way to argue with them because they will never change their mind, no matter what.

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I've been trying to respond to this all day and IntenseDebate just times out. Sorry, maybe I'll try again but I'm not holding out any hope.

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What happens when both parties are doing it? Because that's what we're seeing.