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It's just a general sentiment, people who hate Trump for everything, just because he's Trump. And now, the whole absurd impeachment thing is over, the left is going to fail even harder.

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The more the left attacks Trump, the stronger he gets. Tons of people are abandoning the left over this "never Trump" nonsense. They have completely handed him victory in 2020.

Good job, Democrats.

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I see it constantly and call it out when I do. It's one thing if, for reasons entirely beyond your control, something bad happens and you need help. That's fine. I'll help out if I can. But it's usually something stupid that they did, their own irresponsibility and bad decisions that make them fail, then they want someone else to come along and hand them money.

Screw that.

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Yet you come here to whine about it. I'm not stopping anyone from throwing around idiotic memes. You're the one taking an opinion you don't like personally. Think about it. Or just think. It would be a welcome change.

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That's the narrative they're trying to push, all the while the economy is doing gangbusters and his approval rating is going up.

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The whole thing is just childish though. It's one group of people entirely ignoring the details and thinking that "ok boomer" somehow wins the fight. It doesn't. It just makes them look like clueless idiots. It's nothing more than screaming "fuck you". Sorry, is that supposed to impress anyone? I just don't see it.

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I read the same books when I was younger, but I never believed any of it. They were cool ideas, but I recognized that there was no reason to take any of it seriously. I think that helped when it came time to re-evaluate my religious beliefs. If Bigfoot has no evidence and you shouldn't believe in it, why should God be any different?

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I guess it depends on why you're doing it. I find all believers to be irrational. Is that name-calling? By the very nature of their beliefs, that's the case whether it makes anyone feel good or not. They value feelings over facts. That's absolutely irrational in my book. I could say the same thing about progressives. Is that an insult or is it an observation? Because trying to have any kind of productive intellectual debate with these people is a complete waste of time. Same with flat-earthers. Same with anti--vaxers. Same with a lot of groups out there. Does that make these groups idiots? I guess that's up to the individual to decide. So long as their entire motivation is emotion and not intellect, maybe it does.

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The problem is, there are a lot of people that you simply cannot have an intelligent discussion with. Most theists, and by extension, most flat earthers fit into that category. It's been tried. They are not interested in changing their mind when they are proven wrong. It's part of their emotional self-image. They cannot deny their belief without denying themselves. This has nothing to do with education, it has nothing to do with Trump, it has to do with people being backed into a corner with their faith because reality simply doesn't support what they emotionally want to be true. With most theists giving up the ghost, it's the true fanatics that are left and true fanatics, without the cover of the masses and with a platform, they tend to be very vocal.

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Unfortunately, a lot of people online act like children regardless of their actual age. It's more pronounced on social media, which is why I don't pay attention to most social media. You also have to keep in mind that the religious have made a career our of calling us names. Sinners. Reprobates. We're evil because we don't follow their imaginary friends. It doesn't seem to bother them any, up until they get it back, at which point in time they cry that they're being oppressed.

Sorry, but these people are idiots.

You can also go too far the other way. This came up online recently where some people were asking how we could make the religious more comfortable in atheist circles and I pointed out that we were doing them no favors by not holding them accountable for being rational or intelligent. If we let them just act like children, which far too many of them do, then how are we helping them at all? In fact, aren't we just treating them like they're incapable of holding intelligent positions? Aren't we treating them like there's something wrong with them? It's like we're patting them on the head and telling them to go play in traffic. They simply aren't capable of evaluating their own beliefs intellectually so we're talking down to them because we don't think they can do better.

How does that help anyone?