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Why? Her beliefs are untrue, can you think of a good reason for someone to believe something so patently untrue?

"God is [her] provider"... No, she is her own provider. Relying on a god to be a provider is a quick route to homelessness.

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If "God is [her] provider", no wonder she gets shitty tips. Maybe she should consider providing for herself or relying on a being/entity that actually exists in objective reality.

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Maybe he figures that if L. Ron Hubbard could shoot torpedoes at an uninhabited Mexican island without Mexican retaliation, he could shoot a few illegal immigrants.

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The potty peeper at Naropa may be a first... someone at Naropa with their eyes OPEN!

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Naropa's President, Stuart Lord, says that they are in a financial crisis and yet, they can afford $90,000 worth of rennovations on their administration building? What's wrong with that picture!

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Yes, especially since it impacts women voters exclusively.

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I don't even think they care about the zygote, brainchild. After all, the so-called "pro-life" is really about misogyny and the oppression of women. That's what the church has been fighting for ever since women's rights became a talking point in our democracy and they have been looking for any way to trap women into having only one role: a stay-at-home mother, single or not.

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Ah... that deep, penetrating Christian love. ;-P

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Agreed Kathrin, you got to it sooner than I could. ^__^

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The thing that pisses me off about this is that it makes people who want to do genuine things to help our community have to work harder to get the help they need to get started. I'm in pre-med but I hope to go into medical school and then through residency to start opening up a surgery clinic that serves low-income transsexual people.

It requires a lot of work that can be proven. EIN numbers, sponsourships from non-profit grant organizations, acquisition and construction of a Centre and of course, the opening day. When the local GLBT Centre was building it's new building (which is now open), they had photos on their website and the location of the building posted so you can drive by and see the work taking place.

So, what I have to say is be a skeptic and demand proof. Surely there's plenty of ways to prove that they are real - if they really are.