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I do not associate with humanism or anything of the sort and it's in part because of quizzes like this. Chances are that if a Christian asked me to take a quiz on the ten commandments, I'd answer enough of the questions a certain way for him to suggest that I might be happy as a Christian.

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But if Atheism+ had it's way, you might as well call it a reeducation camp.

I'm of the opinion that part of what creates creepiness in the first place is constant shaming. Remove the shaming from a room full of people and you've got your social skills training seminar. The best way to learn these skills is to be allowed to fail and try again in a safe environment where people won't automatically hate you for not meeting their expectations. The very idea of needing a separate space for this in a group that is meeting because they face stigma from society at large seems to defeat the entire point. It's indicative of a problem somewhere else.

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There's definitely a double standard at work here, when you consider that combat veterans with PTSD are often portrayed as a potential threat themselves, rather than people who should be treated with some amount of deference and care.

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I understand Schrodinger's Rapist from within the context of psychosis.

I also understand it from within the context of postmodernism and counter-enlightenment thinking. In this particular context, it's part of a broader set of arguments that have the very unfortunate connotation of "women's ways of knowing." It's an old speech, but still just as insightful as the day that Richard Dawkins gave it:

I'm not going to argue about how it's got anything to do with anti-male views and shaming tactics, although I do think that it has a very chilling effect on men's own comfort levels within certain spaces. What I will argue is that this concept presents us with a very frail, helpless, and irrational picture of femininity. A very Victorian view. I don't think it helps women. I think it does far more to reinforce the very negative perceptions of women as the weaker sex, driven by their emotions, and lacking the competence that they would need to compete with men in STEM fields and leadership positions.

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I think maybe the idea of denouncing them is a way of doing both things. Every time they do something embarrassing, just reiterate that you're not associated with that movement and remind readers what it really means to be an atheist. And don't bother to engage with them directly on issues of their choosing, because they really do thrive on attention. I think that given the sort of shaming and silencing tactics that their group has used, along with the personal attacks and censorship on their own forums, the most important way to actually respond to them is to let people know that there are, in fact, alternatives that are grounded in a different set of principles.

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Here's some examples of what is deemed appropriate. Includes spiders and "slimy things."

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It looks like an Orwellian tactic to me. People seem to use it when they want to warn others that they are not allowed to disagree with the author or any of the readers who feel that they have been victimized by the things that the author is condemning. It's not what you would want in an open, honest debate.

My reasoning is that it tends to have the opposite effect of what is actually claimed. You would think that if you put a trigger warning on it, then the people who would be "triggered" would stay away and everyone else can have an open, honest conversation. Instead, the trigger warnings serve more to announce a sort of protected speech and are an invitation for people who feel that they have been victimized to make comments that dramatize the author's argument while attacking people who actually want to explore both sides of the issue. In short, it creates an echo chamber.

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Here's one I just googled: Weiss GN, Sanders M, Westbrook KC. The distribution and density of Langerhans cells in the human prepuce: site of a diminished immune response? Isr J Med Sci 1993;29(1):42-3.

The original claim was made in the USA, but Israel has definitely jumped on board. Those are the main countries that are pushing the agenda, both with medical communities and/or religion who benefit from the practice. It's just a blatant conflict of interest, IMO, which is why I wanted to point that out. Multiple studies have been done with the *same methodological flaws*, such as ending the study barely in time for the circumcised group to actually recover enough to have sex. Ironically, they do these sort of studies which overlook Europe, which has a lower HIV rate and lower circumcision rate than either Africa, Israel, or the US. The very idea of using circumcision to combat HIV rests on the premise that the disease is already present at epidemic levels, which begs the question of why it's so much higher in religiously conservative countries that favor circumcision than in secular countries where people aren't compelled to fear everlasting damnation every time they have sex.

Isreal sends entire teams of mohels to Africa in their efforts to circumcise everyone there, in what looks to be a very similar endeavor to Americans who send teams of missionaries to teach them about abstinence and spread lies about condoms. Poor Africans are going to end up thinking that the rest of the world is packed with blithering idiots who got where they are in life through sheer dumb luck.

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And look at where some of those studies were published - Israel. Conflict of interest, perhaps? There have been huge methodological flaws documented with all of the studies on circumcision that I'd ever heard of. Moreover, none of the purported benefits justify doing it to babies who aren't able to consent.

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I completely agree with ignoring them as the very best possible strategy.