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Americans are shocked that they are losing the liberty each should have working to maintain.

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Excellent! Found you through Facebook status update... kudos!

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We are seeing a real example of why the Civil War took place - state's rights (as outlined in the Constitution) vs. a centralized government controlling everything! Though slavery was abolished between a white and black man; a different form of slavery rose its ugly head - slavery of a state to its master, a centralized government.

Go Florida! Go Arizona! God bless the real America!

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I do not understand why more people don't publicly challenge the very media that promotes the "two state solution" and the plight of "Palestinians" in general with their use of the term, "Palestinian" - especially since there remains NO historical basis for a people called, "Palestinians" or a land of "Palestine." This term is Israel's enemies justification for demanding "their" land be returned to them along with Israel's annihilation.

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Thank you for your thoughtful replies. The "faith" that a Christian follows is not toward absolute laws or morals but rather, an absolute God of Righteousness, Holiness and Authority as Creator God. As such, He laws are both immutable and absolute.

The human quandary then is this; if a man denies a God of absolutes - then he condemns himself by his unbelief in this same perfectly holy God. If he acknoledges this God exist but refuses to submit to his absolutes - he condemns himself by lack of faith.

Finally, if a man comes to understand that God's absolutes drives that same man to repentance - he is saved from the fiery judgment a just and holy God must otherwise meet out. Moral absolutes then, becomes the task master that drives a man to beg God for His mercy, lest he perish in unbelief.

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You know little of which you speak. Here in the United States, it has become well documented that the Muslim community is encouraging Mr. Bary's demand for his daughter's return to the state of Ohio where his family lives. Secondly, Mr. Bary has publicly stated his disdain for the Christian faith (accusing his daughter of being seduced by Christians).

What is strange about your post is the double speak. You are not representing true Christianity anymore than I can accurately reflect the Muslim religious/political agenda. What is clear though; is Mr. Bary's willingness to publicly humiliate his own daughter in the hopes that it will cause U.S. public sentiment to turn to his favor.

Mr. Bary is not a Christian father but rather, a father who follows after the teachings of Muhammad. Unless you have your collective heads in a sound proof bubble; you know full well that "honor killings" are required of anyone who will not practice Jihad. Thus, to kill a daughter (usually done by the brother) unreasonable. Any who professes to follow allah - must practice jihad; whether on an infidel like Christians, any other unbeliever who will not recant or even a moderate fellow Muslim!

Rifqa Bary has made a public confession of her faith in Jesus Christ alone - and rejects the political ideology of Muhammad and his Islamic dreams of worldwide conquest - through coercion, fear and even jihad. What I hope for is Mr. Bary's repentant call to Jesus Christ to save him from his own sins of unbelief.

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No where in the Scriptures does one find a following after Jesus Christ as God akin to "creating a perpetuating cycle of violence." The author's statement is a primary example of willful ignorance of what it is required to be "a Christian."

Interestingly, the lack of moral absolutes is the very kindling that has wrecked societies from the beginning of time. What is perceived as more violent then? The man or woman who places their faith in the God of the Bible or the man or woman who writes disparagingly about those who place their faith in the God of the Bible?

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Thank you for your thoughtful response. I must object though to several of your points:

1.No one actually "helps" another move from a debilitating fear to a more peaceful life. According to scriptures, "Perfect love cast out fear." The Lord also declares that ALL believers have "NOT been given the spirit of fear but of a sound mind." The main source for one's fearfulness is their lack of understanding and applying God's Word. The Lord makes it clear that "faith comes by hearing and hearing, by the Word of God."

Note: Nor is God obligated to give the believer a "peaceful life." This is called "Christian Humanism" and is anti-biblical. Just the opposite, He emphatically states that we are to be "the reward for HIS suffering." God did not save us so we will be comfortable but rather, promises that we are comforted, even in all our TRIALS and TRIBULATIONS.

2. When a believer finds it easier to "talk to someone" without using the doctrines of Christ"; it becomes the easier road traveled too. Truthfully, God's Word written to fallible man - challenges us to seek God's Wisdom. When someone feels "judged", it most times the "convicting" working of the Holy Spirit. When God gifts men and women in the area of exhortation - they are used of God to counsel. Out of fear of the truth actually being revealed, it becomes easier for the fearful person to "blame" the exhorter as judgmental and then - go find a less controversial figure to "speak love to them."

3. Finally, you stated, "If the Church was doing this then there would be no need for "Christian Counselors" because they would already be ministering in the Church." This is called, "Circular reasoning." Why? Because God has ALREADY gifted the "church" (referring to individuals NOT organized fellowships) to do what you are proposing. Thus, you own statement validates the need for individuals to use their Holy Spirit gifting of exhortation and NOT use "Christian Counselors." And where would your fearful friend go? Right back to the very ones gifted in exhortation that he/she fearfully believes is judgmental!

The crux of this article states methodically; God has ALL the answers to life's problems and has gifted the church in various ways to meet the needs of a fellow brother or sister "pertaining to ALL things in this life and the life to come." As the Head of the church, Jesus Christ commands that we NOT allow the wisdom and traditions of men to supersede the working of God in each believer's life.

One last thing. Is it possible that you have been gifted in "exhortation" but are using a flawed methodology to accomplish what God has already given in His Word? My challenge to you would be to dump everything you "learned" in the certification process and simply ask God for HIS WISDOM! Exhorters are few and rarely loved but are a necessary part of church life and health! Be encouraged.