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Hi Boo

More often than not, there are some issues that are close to the heart and the stomach.

With regards to food, everyone has his or her own individual preference. I, for instance, will never allow a brinjal within a metre's radius from me; but who am I to tell you not to eat brinjals?

When it comes to pigs being disgusting, it is pretty much a tie if you compare to other poultry: Pigs eat pretty much the same muck as other farm animals, and yeah, they shit all over the place. Big deal. We still go to our KFCs don't we?

Left in the wild, pigs are naturally "clean" animals, clean as in comparison to other species: They don't cannibalize on their young, rather they do take care of them, and they are hygienic even if they do round around in mud. Pigs do not have sweat glands on their skin, and mud keeps them cool, just like how some humans enjoy their mud spas.

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Hi Boo

Apparently you didn't take this post too well, but that is just as expected.

And your disparaging statements against pigs aren't all that correct; suffice to say our common perception of pigs are just that, perceptions; they do not reflect on the real behavior of pastoral porkies (i.e boars and other wild pigs).

And if you did pay attention to the article, this article has little to do with kosher in the dietary sense; it is meant to denounce this bickering over mere words in the midst of a pandemic (which H1N1 already is).

So, chill out, bro.

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My old friend, you aren't really old, at least not at heart!

On a serious, somber note, I commend atheists who really brave it all and do great deeds; after all, they do what they love not for some stupid reward in heaven.

People like Norman Borlaug and Edwin Shneidman are gems in a war full of religious bigotry and wars. May Edwin Shneidman rest in peace, even if there sure isn't some silly heaven waiting for him.

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Thanks, John.

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I do have a different historical take on the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Both theatres of war were actually proxy wars fought by two puppet masters: America and NATO on one side, Russians and their communist cliques on another. Both Korea and Vietnam were unwitting victims of a vicious power struggle.

The American troops were no saints, certainly not when it came to incidents like the My Ly massacre and the release of Agent Orange, but overall, I would say that given the harsh circumstances and the guerrilla tactics of the Vietcong, soldiers only did what they did in accordance to the circumstances.

As they say, wars bring out the worst monsters in us. And hopefully no president will initiate grand battles and wars like what Bush has done: On a wing and a prayer.

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"Unfortunately, this live and let live philosophy is not being practiced by religious extremists who are following the age old practice of waging war on anybody who is not one of them -- and if you haven't been paying attention, they fight dirty."

I couldn't agree with you more..........Christians often play the "persecution" card when laws, such as the Matthew Shepherd Act, are passed to protect gays from hate crime, fearing that their anti-homo agenda will take a beating. So they will beat their chests, wear their badges, and claim that their religious rights are being trampled upon.

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Lol. I wrote this a few years back and submitted it for a play, but it didn't quite pan out.

Glad you liked it. Yes, Dick Cheney should have been there. It slipped my mind. I will surely include dickhead chimney if i ever do something similar to this one.

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1. Yes, yes, one Christian book published.............why don't you publish a scientific paper instead?

2. Yup, you are right. Not every secular humanist share the same ideals. Sam Harris, for example, supports selective torture, while I disagree with it wholesale. But I haven't made allegations that there is one one "true universal secular humanism".

3. Punishment with no justification is persecution. Any judge worth his salt will not punish any one who supports gay rights. This is, after all, a supposedly secular country. So the ball is in your court.........again.

4. Near unanimity amongst Evangelicals? depends on how you define "near". But I will leave it at that, since I am not involved in your squabbles with evangelicals.

5. I write because I love to write and in the process interact with people. Converting people is not one of my agendas; I would like people to think for themselves, look at the absurdity of mere Religion, and make a rational decision for themselves.

6. So you simply can always check back with the administrator, unless, of course, you have a PR problem with the administrator.........which seems to be a running theme with regards to your personal interaction with people.

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I am referring to your watch tower website.

You actually do not answer your critiques. For example, when you claim that people who support gay marriages should be persecuted, I asked you rather politely what kind of punishment should be meted out. You refuse to address me till this very day. Bad PR.

Heretics? Boy, oh boy, most Christians wouldn't even bother to use this term these days. Calling non believers heretics and infidels makes you no different than those taliban folks in Afghanistan. Bad PR again.

I don't know the bible a whole lot, but I do know the bible more than most Christians.

There has never been "one true apostolic and universal faith". Check out the vast denominations of Christian sects.

Sure, you do not convert people. Then why bother writing? Makes no sense, at least to me.

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If this is your attitude towards non christians I can assure you that you will not convert any newbies to your cause.

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