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The Catholic Church (of which I am a relapsed devotee) never fails to entertain:

Pope Exonerates Jews

PHEW! Well THAT's a relief.

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Who on GOD'S GREEN EARTH gets off on this sort of stuff? I've always maintained a 'live-and-let-live' attitude regarding other folks' proclivities, sexual and otherwise, but once (uninvited) suffering comes into play, the line is drawn. This is just some seriously sick, sick shit.

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Even if it's only five bucks, it is worth contributing to either organization. I am more familiar with the Humane Society (HSUS) and its work, and know that HSUS is aware of, on top of, and consistently fighting hard against these repulsive "crush" videos.

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UURRRGH!!!!! Thanks....I think.

I'll just go grab some lunch now.


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I was pretty put off by the comments as well. The standards seem to have slipped - in a truly substantive manner - for one, I've never seen so many trolls engaged at such length; for another, the comments themselves seem to lack much of the sharp wit and informed snark that always made Gawker such an enjoyable read. Is it because so many of the best commenters defected to this site?

In agreement about the writers as well. Richard Lawson, Brian Moylan, Maureen O'Connor, et. al., - consistently provided entertaining and witty content. I'd hate to think that they (or others) would suffer in any way as a result of a poorly conceived/executed redesign.

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My sentiments exactly. With Crasstalk down yesterday, I wandered (guiltily), back to the Other Site. Nice that blog view was restored, and that there is now a mechanism in place to view all comments. But considering the ID/password hacker fiasco, the godawful redesign, and the site’s tendency to erroneously sensationalize/overhype post titles while completely undelivering post content, I think Jezebel will be the only place I'll still visit with any regularity in the future. Crasstalk is my new home.

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Thanks! Sooooo appreciated. Love how her clothes are just falllllling off her bod, as if they too know that her hotness cannot be contained.

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Thanks. Count me as happily enlightened and amused.

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"Setting a standard for failure on Broadway"

... AssembledWrong, as you have so clearly shown yourself to be quite the authority on a wide variety of topics, and are a performer yourself, I would ask for your thoughts on "Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark" - please enlighten, regale, and amuse us!

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