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9 years ago @ Wonkette - The Snake Oil Bulletin... · 0 replies · +4 points

There is money to be made, by selling the suckers cures that Dr.'s ignore to keep you sick.
And avoiding the Food Babe appears to be an appropriate strategy. Going to your local farmers market, buying fresh food to cook would by my solution, rather than buying any bullshit online.

9 years ago @ Wonkette - San Diego Cops Thought... · 3 replies · +11 points

I see that San Diego is not interested hiring smart cops, this case is reaffirmed

9 years ago @ Wonkette - Oklahoma Runs Out of V... · 0 replies · +11 points

I see the Oklahoma legislature continue their laser like focus on jobs. Of course the jobs are in China, building more drones.

9 years ago @ Wonkette - Ted Cruz Has Had It Wi... · 4 replies · +36 points

I am starting wonder about what is going on at Harvard lately, first W, with an MBA and yet no discernible business knowledge. Now Rafael with no detectable knowledge constitutional rights and how they work.

9 years ago @ Wonkette - Tennessee Continues Lo... · 1 reply · +8 points

Oh my no one is getting high in Tennessee except the musicians in Nashville.

9 years ago @ Wonkette - Jon Stewart Made An An... · 1 reply · +16 points

We all lose here, because no one called the government on their bullshit as well as Stewart and Colbert. Although, I am starting to Larry Wilmore.

9 years ago @ Wonkette - Creationists: Darwin W... · 3 replies · +21 points

Well, I can see that the two legged, no wing Dodo is just fine and propagating in America.

9 years ago @ Wonkette - Alabama Anti-Gay Today... · 1 reply · +9 points

I would expect nothing less from inbred sister fisters, who been looking on the down low.

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Just love the bear guys messing with Jeb. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Owl Can't Stand You would be my name, because he can't stand people in his park, with hair that looks like prey.

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