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so, if I stay here in Indiana... I should be relatively safe? I never would have guessed that. However, that may explain the amount of people that want to leave this state (including me... eventually)... "something, something, ....most humans ... deathwish... something"

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having worked in stores with 1 hour photo labs. I can honestly say that they don't *always* keep a copy of nude pictures... just like... 90+% of the time... maybe 95+%... okay.. it was pretty much always... we had a photo album in the chemical room with the prints, also- name, phone number, and date developed.

One of my favorite things that we did was to take pictures of one of my photo-lab working friends after an extended party night--we didn't write on him--but we did put random things (like glow in the dark squeaky toys, game controllers, etc.) on/around him/in his hands and then had him develop the roll of film a couple of days later. Surprise! you were passed out... gave him the double set of prints for fun.

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so.. random weird story, my ex was a frequent crochet/knitter. She uses a row counter that hangs on a lanyard around her neck. I used to call it her "score keeper" and it would tell you which breast was in the lead at any given moment in time. so yeah... made me laugh..

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I'm still holding out for the radioactive space lemur overlords, I refuse to bow to space geckos.

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Hmmm... runway beacon?

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What was that?...?

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I was looking around your museum's website. It appears that you work at an awesome place! Cool about the THX 1138 trivia too. I've seen the movie all the way through.... but it's been a long time.

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one other thing that i have found helpful for a wireless network that you want to keep others off of is to use a mac address white-list. This will only allow the devices that are entered by in to the router to gain permission/receive an IP address and keep everyone else off, even if they figure out your wireless key.

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I still own and use a prestolite air popper from the late now nineties. It was a graduation gift. I was told by the giver, "this should be a great way to make friends, everyone loves popcorn!" To which I responded "and if I don't make friends, at least I have popcorn" in a very sarcastic tone. The couple that have me the thing didn't pick up on my tone and responded with a very enthusiastic "RIGHT!".
Turns out it was a great way to piss off everyone in my wing of the dorm (all three floors) because it generally overloaded the circuit and popped the breaker before it popped any corn.

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I've got a couple to post, but my phone doesn't like to paste to ID text fields, so I'll have to wait until I'm on a "real computer"**

*posted from a Samsung galaxy note 2
**that's a stab at you Samsung "phablet", not intensedebate