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I am not a fan of nissans new look. But the odd thing is I saw a new Murano yesterday and it looked pretty good. So maybe I'll wait until I see one in person, then throw up.

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Embedding you tube isn't working for me so..

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I thought the Fiat Blue Pill might have been the best car commercial. I chuckled during it.

I have a bone to pick with the Jeep commercial. The song / visuals were off. It is a commercial for Jeep, an iconic american brand, an iconic song about the US, during the Super Bowl yet half the visuals were not in the US. I would be fine with commercial if it had a different sound track but with that song I expected the be "F*&k Yeah! 'murica!" at the end but instead I was just 'eh?'.

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I think the Flex isn't selling is because while they are awesome, they are pricey. It would be cheaper to get a minivan. I would vote for a minivan as a replacement for the Volvo. I would suggest a used Toyota or Honda minivan.

On a side note the dog on the far right in the first picture could be my dogs brother/sister/twin. (the black and white Springer)

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HMMM, not so sure. the 'trim' doesn't look the same

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I would say any Jag R series would work.

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These cars were deceptively fast. While in them they were quite and as a passenger it was hard to tell how fast you were going until the other cars started to seem like they were going backwards. My old boss had one with the active suspension and would take a turn by our office faster and faster to see what it could do, he stopped because of the 'unsafe speeds' he was hitting. And he was pretty much a hoon/jackass with his cars.
I vote yes.

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As someone who snowmobiles, close to 200 HP from that motor is not too hard at all. A little exhaust work and re worked carbs/ FI and maybe some head work your there. I whole heartily approve of this guys project. I always wanted to put one of these engines in a golf cart, maybe a Yugo is a little more sane.

- I can't believe that line came out of my brain "a Yugo is a little more sane"