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I think you win.

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Wheel bearings on the Vibe. Despite getting it down to a couple of hours, it's still a disassemble everything in the drivetrain, press bearing out, hope you press the bearing in right, reassemble and pray you get further than the last one.

Newer versions are apparently a bolt on affair I long for.

I've already identified that I will not at all ever try to replace the struts on the Mazda5. They are clamped together and slid into the arms. Nope, no, no.

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I've found that a cone wrench (liberated from the bike kit) does the same job as well.

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I was a single bike owner for a long time, but now have more bikes than riders. I usually ride singletrack and gravel here on either my Gary Fisher Marlin or my Salsa el Mariachi. I've got a borrowed Schwinn circuit that sees some road time, but I prefer the dirt. The wife has a reasonable quality Trek Fuel, and a host of cruisers.

I'd grab a good steel frame and build it, if you can come across a Titanium Paramount, you'd be in love.

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I hope it's a Jager.

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Pushing Daisies left me longing for an ending where there were a few more things left in the air, but it did come with a nice bow on it. One of the most mind numbing frustrating endings for me was the end of Enterprise. What had been fun and somewhat watchable ended in the worst WTF way. Seriously. Just end two episodes earlier for that much effort.

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K-9 is always the right answer.

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I'd jump nearly that high if a rocket was suddenly ignited next to me...

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So this could be the new Atomic Toasters Lair? I wonder how the wifi is on the South Pole...

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I'm using the GEM razors with the disposal cartridge. I just drop them back in and recycle the whole thing.