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I'm not dead yet!

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Don't give me the credit. This was a group effort by a whole bunch of people who wanted to show that we care. I'm just the one who still has a login here at Hooniverse that the powers that be haven't noticed to post it and let people know.

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Fuck. So apparently locking old articles isn't working like it says it is. Back to the drawing board.

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The problem was that we got a deluge of spam so dense and heavy that it threatened to crash both Hooniverse and AtomicToasters. Our spam filters stopped it, but we ended up with, at one point, something like 50,000 comments in the spam queue. I got it down to about 15,000 as of last night, but the volume was just overwhelming. And honestly, with starting a new job, and fighting my way through a relationship that proves that passion means the highest highs and the lowest lows, I've only been able to putter around with it from time to time.

The solution I came up with is just to force articles to close comments after 30 days, since most spambots look for old articles to post on so they won't attract administrator attention. There are a bunch of other filtering tricks I put in, and that may mean that some legit comments get filtered out, but it was either that, or require that every single comment get moderated before posting, and that's a pain in the ass. I'd rather offload inconvenience onto everyone else rather than deal with it myself. ;)

(Yes, I know you probably know most of this, but I'm posting it here for any other people who were wondering. Ha. I like how I say "people" as if it would be a plural number.)

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You know... I kinda like the concept. But that ad made me actually hate it.

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Drinking and voting! That combination has never gone wrong! Except that one time in 2000.

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Yeah, that's my favourite time of year for SURE, I don't know about everyone else.

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Let's see... I've nominated The Beast, the Red Dragon, the Alfa Stradale, a Unimog and a Bricklin.

I'll give you a run for your money on "most Hooniversal". ;)

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I just tend to dislike pretty much everything automotive from the Japanese, but I have a particular dislike for Subarus.

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Can we bring back the people's curse for just one vehicle? Please?