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I'm at work, but surely someone will queue some Ronin.

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And the precious, precious points are disappearing too!

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Volkswagen tried to get the producers to update Herbie up the latest model for 1974's "Herbie Rides Again", but after seeing their attempt at Beetle based romance, the offer was refused.

13 years ago @ Atomic Toasters - Hiding in the Fjords · 2 replies · +1 points

I guess that when you have a massive coastline, off-shore gas reserves, non-freezing ports and a border with Russia (and lots of money from said gas reserves) you would want to develop a decent navy.

It looks better than the "stealth ship" they used in the Bond film though:

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My (ancient, crappy, cheapest-could-buy) phone sits in my (courier) bag, where I can't hear it ring, so never answer it. Suits me fine. I do use a pair of Grado headphones though, I love the retro look, and they sound lovely. And since they are uncommon over here in Australia, they help me look down on people with clichéd Sennheiser or god-awful Skullcandy headphones. And headphones are almost a necessity since I just moved and gave myself a 2 hour each way train commute.

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I'm guilty if having a few courier bags as well. My excuse is that I'm still going to university (albeit as staff, not as a student). I use Crumpler bags, a bit expensive, but Australian (sort of, if made in China counts).

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I'm with you. Production doesn't necessarily mean bad (eg. MBV's Loveless), rawness doesn't automatically mean good. But the same as with everything else, it boils down to taste and opinion.

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Isn't Kristen Bell a little too petite to be a Panamera?