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I adore light blue Swedes, and I adore wagons.

*wistful sigh*

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Nope, but it was a surprisingly prescient guess - the car was spotted at a foreign-auto shop, and turned out to be parked beside a Fiat 124 Spider that he'd shown me before.

In the end, it was a '70 Satellite/GTX/Road Runner of some sort... and it was orange.

It did have a cream convertible top, though.

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What Furretson is asking is an entirely different question, actually.

He saw a car today. Some sort of '70sish two-door sedan, sort of vaguely like a Datsun 510, a Volvo 142, a BMW 2002. Flattish beltline. Square cabin. Rounded-rectangle headlights, he thinks. Light butterscotch with a Cheerios vinyl top, probably.

And those taillights.

I feel as though I've seen them on something, but I can't think of what.


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...or strap an Eaton M90 onto the /6.

Why not?

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I was going to mention that this is no E28 with fuzzy dangling limbs!

To answer the original question, of course I'd leave it as-is. I'd probably Rickroll passersby (as the Nyancar folks did) once the seemingly endless Nyancat variations wore thin.

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I believe the Facebook page was originally the work of one JoSchmo (you all know him) and blossomed from there. I'd say it's been a success.

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I'd settle for the Focus wagon, honestly.

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The cars became Moststates once they reached several years of age.

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My Dremel is a Craftsman, but it's identical to a Dremel 300, so I feel no shame in using a genericised trademark.

Well, it's not completely identical. For one, it's black and red. For another, it was once partially submerged in used 10w30, so its variable speeds aren't quite as varied anymore, even after a complete disassembly and thorough cleaning.

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And with the NX2000 listed, everything I had in mind has been mentioned.

I occasionally hunt around Craigslist for those and MX-3s. I'll probably never own either, but...