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Yeah, Buicks have front distributors.

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And now we retire the name Chryslubishi. Sleep well, Joe.

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Naaa. There are lots of things straight from Gibson in that movie that are awesome. It just has lots and lots of compromises.

/Paging Dr. Allcome.

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Nooooo! She's gonna tear the crap out of that 335!

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Indeed. Steelies, wide whites, and floppers are all absolutely correct for the sled genre.

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Dumb me decided that those fenders had to go. But I was genuinely sad when I wore out those awesome tires.

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There were a couple of kids with Krates in my neighborhood, but they were the older kids. This is the bad boy I always wanted. Man, I still remember the fit I threw when my dad said it would be too hard to ride and that I'd be happier with a dirtbike. Doesn't matter how right he was, I'm still mad.

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No you may not! At least until I find one for myself. :)

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I've had an 05 (M6 CG) since new and it's ~90k now. I love this car and have never had any vehicle feel more like home in my life. But the sad fact of the matter is that it's simply getting to be too hard to get parts for. I've had to buy a passenger window glass mail order from a salvage yard because even the big glass places like Safelite can't get it. Also, there are some things that break over and over that shouldn't even break once (and by the way, mid 2000s Civic exhaust hangers work well to replace the crappy ones Holden put on there if you just drill out the holes.)

Of course that all may not matter as I was rear ended just the other day and, like Mr. Rubke points out it's likely to be totaled, despite being not all that bad, due to the difficulty of getting parts. It's been cool having a car that not everyone else has, but I'll likely stick to big production run cars in the future. It may be time for a Mustang.

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Gasket retainer?