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But all of my spare change has been going to the mooses and the Emmas just to keep things as-is....

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I've never been able to confirm this beyond oral tradition, but the story in my hometown of Gardiner, OR, is that we produced some of the lumber that went into rebuilding the city. In turn we ended up with shiploads of quake debris that had been used as ballast and that this material became fill for a couple of local bridges.

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I'm glad I didn't have the job of "guy who gets to prep the Buick for retrieval."

My father was a member of a bridge crew for the Oregon Department of Transportation for a few years and had to deal with some unfortunate situations, but this is stunning.

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That's because Lindbergh didn't rely on Windows.

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Starting at 1:23 in the video: "There were even areas where you could drive horizontally across the entire map and come out again where you began on the other side."

Ah. The virtual world was a tube but not yet a series of them.

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I had a slightly different brush with "home movies, now in theaters" a while back:

when, at the end of the one-night-only showing of "Magical Mystery Tour" the Cinerama's screen jumped to what was quite clearly the menu for a standard home-release DVD. The effect was momentarily disorienting in that setting, but we all got a chuckle out of it.

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Venetian Old Style.

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After the inevitable discovery occurs, mention to your co-worker that 8-tracks can't be rewound.

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My automotive news is the addition of an American Microcar to the fleet:

Even rarer than the vehicle itself is the manual which accompanied it:

Despite the name, I'd be hard pressed to defend the assertion that the American Microcar is a microcar. It is, however, street-legal. Now I just need a motorcycle helmet.

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No, I was already covered on the question of tadpole-configuration three-wheelers. The delta-configuration American Microcar adds balance. So to speak.