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Nick, I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me "How many wives you got?"

My gosh, my hands are full dealing with one, why would I want more of that...I mean really !!!!

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"Fools mock but they shall mourn, my grace is sufficient for the the meek."

Jesus Christ

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Great Article, LDS church members are great patriots, gun owners and serve in the military.
I joined the church while in the Army in Germany. We like to share our faith with whomever will listen, and if your
not interested, that's ok, we will still let you have some food supply when the economy goes down the crapper....:)
Keep your powder dry and your magazine loaded.

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Man, I am gonna miss Andrew slapping around the zombies on the left !!!! RIP Brother Andrew

12 years ago @ - In Memoriam: Andrew Br... · 0 replies · +5 points am i depressed about this, Andrew was awesome. we are gonna miss you brother, big time!!!!

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We sleep comfortable in our beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence in out behalf......
God bless the "rough men" and bring them home safe.

"Greater Love hath no man that give his life for a friend"

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lol..."leader with enough balls", man did she hit that right on the head.

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Oh my gosh, please take it down, those poor souls.

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Yeah I seriously doubt you would see Mormons rioting in Salt lake city if someone accidentally burned a Bible or a Book of Mormon.....makes me say hhhhmmmmm

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Very sad end to a lady with a voice blessed by God. Terrible things like this happen in life because our Father in Heaven gave us all one of the greatest gifts (Free Will). She choose rather poorly but luckily Heaven Father loves her and will judge her accordingly.... I wasn't much of music person but when you heard her, just wow. Rest in Peace !!!!