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Andrew: I tend to prefer vampires--they're tidier. But this was at least a somewhat more cerebral zombie movie than most. Generally, I find McHattie sufficiently creepy not to need zombies to make things worse. In this movie, it worked with McHattie and the zombies.

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Andrew: I agree that it would be almost impossible to make the "definitive" movie about 9/11. Even if Hollywood had an even hand (which it certainly doesn't), some would be very good, others not so hot. There's also the problem of avoiding maudlin sentimentality while at the same time maintaining a sense of loss. Unless some miracle occurs in the leftist mentality of Hollywood, we're unlikely to see anything much better than United 93, which was quite well done. Truth will get in the way of any Hollywood production mentality, which requires multiculturalism as a major theme, moral equivalence as a leitmotif, and fear of offending Islamists as an eternal presence.

I also agree with Lammy Heckler (above) about calling 9/11 a traqedy. Airplanes going off-course or losing power resulting in death are tragedies. Airplanes being flown deliberately into a civilian center of activity in the heart of America's commercial hub are an act of war.

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Tennessee: I agree with you. There's some nice esoteric discussion on this thread, but I think your basic premise trumps it. I even remember the Superman TV series. Simple (even simplistic) plots and terrible special effects (Superman flying sideways to the horizon). But they were fun, humorous, and the message of "truth, justice, and the American way" was always there.

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I'm not one of those who have that strange sense of inferiority in the face of the Brits, but overall, I think the plainness or even homeliness of the English actresses result in far better performances and performers than what we get here. Most of the really good American legitimate theater actresses are often quite plain, so they can concentrate on their parts instead of their looks. Most never make it to Hollywood. That said, beauty and talent are hardly mutually exclusive. It's just that in Hollywood, where brains are optional, acting ability is also optional. That means that we do occasionally still get a good actress who is beautiful and talented, but it's pure luck rather than good planning.

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During the years that I was representing B list Hollywood types, this issue was brought up more than once. My sample wouldn't be big enough to draw any conclusion except that there appears to be that exact problem. How big, I can't say. The casting couch seems to include a plethora of different perversions. I have to think there could be a least some truth to what Feldman is saying, given the "anything goes" attitude so prevalent in Hollywood. Further investigation seems to be the right answer.

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Jaci: Thanks for the review. The prelims I was hearing seemed to concentrate on the European version which downplayed American pride. I'm glad to hear from you that this is not the case and that the movie has more depth than I was hearing it credited for. I'll put it in my NetFlix queue.

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Are you absolutely sure that isn't the emperor?

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Ed: If you jump over to Commentarama some time, you'll notice that I became LawHawkRFD after leaving San Francisco and moving to very rural Caliente.

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Ed: LOL. I'm with ya.

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Ed: And I think the warnings to parents are a better way for the Church to make its views known without appearing to tell young people what they can and cannot view. Parents can monitor their children's behavior much better than the Church.