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Right out of the Socialists handbook... win over the hearts and minds of Americans by "singing and dancing" the message. Why don't we just vote with our wallets.

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I can totally understand. He seemed to hit a nerve with many people and here is the fruit.

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Why do we even waste anytime on these stupid award shows.

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I think it's time for conservatives to make a film about liberals starring all conservatives.... Just a thought.

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Haha. Just like photos of Obama as the Joker is all in good fun. Haha. I am SURE it's just the same for liberals.

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My friends made this film. They gave me the script to look at producing it, but I was busy with THE LAST EAGLE SCOUT. Dang it!

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Who cares about a 1 percenter kid who has never had to work a day in his life and his opinion. I am sure he "feels for me".

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Alright. This is has gone too far. I still remember in the 70's watching Blood Sucking Freaks as a kid. This is down right sick. Heaven help us.

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Bashir, the US is not like a Socialist nation because it's NOT a socialist nation. Why can't these socialists just move on to other countries that have it if they REALLY want it.

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Though I am not a big Romney Supporter, Lawrence needs to take his Mormon bias and shove it up his a**. He has always had a bias toward Mormons. Why even worry about his opinion. I have a bias against Socialists, and he is one of them. (sorry for the language).