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Wonderful article, Mark. The truth shall set them free.

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The Glazov Gang is an interesting, enjoyable show. I will be watching again.

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Many of the most successful companies were founded in the worst part of the Great Depression. If you have a great idea, product, or service, THEY WILL COME. In other words, make your own luck instead of whining and demanding free stuff.

ENVY is not a very becoming human trait.

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Funny how when a man doesn't agree with you or collectivism, all of a sudden, he's now a fascist.

You're nothing but a whinny lil' cry baby.

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Canada has been becoming more free market as the USA goes socialist. Also, they are utilizing their own energy resources, creating tons of new good paying jobs. Economic freedom always leads to prosperity; the opposite of Obama and the democrats' policies.

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Is it just me, or does the EU symbol thingie look like Jesus' crown of thorns?

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You do know that the United States has the highest corporate taxes in the developed world, don't you?

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OMG. Hey bud. Good to hear from you. I was looking for you awhile back on facebook. Look for me on yahoo messenger. I'm cajunhighlander on there too. You can find me on facebook as well.

Oh by the way, your blog is pretty well done. Pretty impressive.

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Wrong. Teddy Roosevelt was actually a pretty good President. It wasn't till after he left office that he changed to become a Progressive. In 1912 he ran for president in the Bull Moose Party, losing of course.

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Damn, Ann Coulter was so right in saying facts do not matter to Leftists. Sorry but to me murdering the truth is pure evil. Mobs tend to think collectively, and there is no evil act too disgusting or vile. TarHeels just makes my resolve all the greater to fight the darkness consuming this great nation and the world.