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11 years ago @ Conservative Victory 2012 - Hooters Welcomes Joe B... · 0 replies · +1 points

if the two (well, three), I know which i prefer

11 years ago @ Conservative Victory 2012 - A Guy Named Jennifer · 0 replies · +1 points

south park did this one. Kyles dad had surgery to become a dolphin.

11 years ago @ Conservative Victory 2012 - Going After the Stupid... · 1 reply · +4 points

i added a few letters to the email line and hit submit, POOF! it disappeared/

11 years ago @ Conservative Victory 2012 - Brilliant new Obama ad... · 0 replies · +2 points

I'm apparently too stupid to understand this ad. How is this pro-Obama?
Trump is a goofball and so what? It seems more proRomney than anything.

12 years ago @ Conservative Victory 2012 - Open Thread – May 23... · 0 replies · +3 points

So people are getting worked up about the Gay electrified fence preacher.
Two questions come to mind:
1. Why do people like this preacher say this kind of stuff? It serves no constructive purpose.
2. Why do people get worked up about this stuff? There is no way this would could happen.

But then there were the internment camps in the 40's....

I don't know, I just see no point in offending for people for the heck of it, and I see no point in deciding to take offense at stupid stuff.
Had Maher or Stewart said it about Christians or Republicans these same people would probably have laughed.

12 years ago @ Conservative Victory 2012 - Obama’s Lit Agency U... · 0 replies · +2 points

if we suppose for a moment that this "Bio" is purposefully misleading, it is proof that at the least Obama has been portrayed as something he isn't. Isn't this what conservatives have been saying all along?
The man is not honest about his own background, and media outlets and others are happy to carry out the charade.
What is the truth?

As John Galt might say: Why ask questions for which there are no answers?

12 years ago @ Conservative Victory 2012 - Donna Summer Dead at 63 · 0 replies · +1 points

Disco really is dead.

12 years ago @ Conservative Victory 2012 - MARCO AND MITT · 2 replies · +2 points

i will read Trippers article, but it seems to me that the parents' birthplace was never brought up during the whole Birther thing. The whole goal was to determine where Obama was born not his dad.
So if that is the case why doesn't Rubio say instead of "I'm not interested" "I'm not eligble"?
Mitt Romney would be ineligible because his dad was born in Mexico.

12 years ago @ Conservative Victory 2012 - MARCO AND MITT · 12 replies · +3 points

as far a as legally eligible my understanding is that he had to be born in the US. Many disagree but I believe that that was settled law. We don't have a bloodline requirment as far as I know.
Should he be on the ticket? I have no real beef with him, I just don't know if he brings any Latinos with him that weren't Republican voters to begin with.

12 years ago @ Conservative Victory 2012 - A reminder………The... · 5 replies · +8 points

I gave it about 3 hours of my time, and then dropped it. In reading through some of the comments here it seems things got real ugly in the interactions.
I was unaware of any of that, I just didn't like the layout and the need to recreate a log-in.

what exactly happened? Since I got laid off I have ironically spent less time on the computer and have been out of the the loop.