Obama Nobel Failure

Obama Nobel Failure


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Well...it does appear to be one of the talking points of the Paulbots so I did make that leap, just like the leap that YOU just made about me assuming that you wanted to get stoned.

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You see, you are still saying the exact same thing. Rick Santorum is the "only real conservative". I am sorry, but that is absolute BS.

Is Rick Santorum a good man? YES
Is he a great role model for people? YES
Does he have a beautiful family and expouse the qualities that could help other families? YES
Would I vote for him if he won the primary? Absolutely!!

Now, does he record show that he is a social conservative? YES!!!
Does he record show that he is a fiscal conservative? NO!!!
And no amount of spinning, or saying that he has "changed" will ever be able to deflect away from his past RECORD.

So is he the "only real conservative" on the platform? NOPE!!!! Not by a long shot because he doesn't have the record to back it up.

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No.... we weep when a good man dies.

Ted Kennedy was NOT a good man. He was a self-centered, murdering, elitist. I fear for people like him when placed before the judgement bar of God.

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The left's hatred obviously has no bounds.

Rest in Peace Andrew - you will surely be missed.

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I applaud the fact that Santorum has changed on fiscal issues and I do believe him that he would lead this country as a fiscal conservative. If he becomes the nominee, I would gladly vote for Santorum because I do believe he is a good and honorable man.

But that the point I am trying to make is that when he was in elected office, he did NOT practice fiscal discipline which is why YOU cannot say that he is the ONLY REAL CONSERVATIVE. Sorry, but he hasn't proven that yet because his past record does not support that. Does that make sense?

I get what you mean about Santorum changing. I understand your argument about him understanding the direction that our leaders need to take this country and again, I agree with you that Santorum would do that, but again, he didn't practice that in the past so he is obviously NOT the ONLY REAL CONSERVATIVE in this race. That is the point I am trying to make.

About me remaining the "same". Now you are sounding petulant. You accused me above of not learning from my mistakes, then now you blame me for remaining the same. Pretty lame. Are you sure you are not one of those Michigan Dems that voted for Santorum just to prolong the primary? Your attacks and contradictory statements are starting to sound like an Obama supporter.

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I am an idiot because I have personally observed the effects of this drug on teenagers and how it has destroyed their lives??

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You obviously don't get my point: -- Rick Santorum was NOT a fiscal conservative while he was in the Senate. So how can he be the 'true" or the only 'real' conservative if he has NEVER practiced fiscal conservatism while in office?? How can we know that Rick will truly be a fiscal conservative if he doesn't have a proven record of such?

It is one thing to say that he recognizes the need to be conservative going forward, but it is something completely different if he has never been a fiscal conservative in the past. I agree with you that he sounds like a fiscal conservative, but all of the canidates right now sound that way.

With regards to your PERSONAL attacks against me... why do you need to get personal? You are trying to use a liberal trick of attacking the individual you disagree with. Do you feel better about yourself now because you threw out insults towards me? Do you feel better because you called me "Bubba"?

By the way, I have been a fiscal conservative my ENTIRE life. I don't have ANY credit card debt and the two cars I own are paid for (one of which is only 6 months old). The only debt I hold is a mortgage on a new home that I built this past year, and guess what, I put down nearly 30% to build that house so my payment would be low. I believe in paying for things with cash, not acruing debt (except for a home) AND I put away almost 10% of my paycheck into a retirement. I have truly been blessed in my life because of my hard work, because I worked my butt off in college, and because I am fiscally conservative. Because sound conservative principles which I have followed in my life, I am NOT on a pathway of destruction, but on a pathway of self sufficiency and I plan on retiring well before I am 60 years old.

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especially on a website. It is downright freaky.

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and here come the Paulbots!!!

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So he spent like a liberal, but now, he is a changed man and will be more conservative?

And to you, that is "real conservatism"????

That is hilarious!!!!