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True. I saw the announcement of his death first thing on the bigs site and asked all my friends at work (90% conservative) if they heard about Andrew Breitbart's passing. None of them even knew him by name (so I was the only one out of about 7), but they knew of his accomplishments. Sadly, his death brought him greater fame and understanding by conservatives.

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I got got got got no time
I got got got got no time, no time, No time

Ah yes. If only it were that easy. Till November we wait!

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[Meryl Streep] joked about how many times she's been up for acting's highest honors.

"When they called my name, I had this feeling I could hear half of America going, 'Oh no... her again,'" Streep said.

Uh no lady, Half of America shut off Weinstein's dumb little show and a great many more hardly pay Hollywood any attention any more. You got an award for being a good puppet who gladly makes a movie that makes a great leader who had integrity (Thatcher) look like a bad lady. It is what it is, and you get recognized with an award by your insular crowd. You get recognized for what you are by the rest of the world who gives a damn about Freedom.

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And to the whiners who fall back on "Islam is a religion, it's protected by the first Amendment" I say Islam is a political and social control system, that prescribes a religion, it does not permit the first Amendment, and the only people who are defending the first amendment are people willing to look Islam in the eye and say you are not a religion, you are not a free people, and Islam is a curse upon all it touches.

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You said it brother.

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I'm not surprised they picked a white man. That is the main target of the PC diversity control squad. Al Quaeda could probably use this for a recruiting video as well. The army trains by doing step class and laying on their backs in an air conditioned gym pretending to be pregnant women. Whew, real intimidating stuff.

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I agree, this was an excellent, well researched article. Well done! It always bothers me to hear the word "pension." The Baby Boomers and Unions expanded the practice of promising pensions, and are criminally negligent in their funding of those liabilities, both in government and in the private sector. In the end, one bankrupt entity bails out the other, but the real problems, the PENSIONS (i.e. Social Security) remain the sacred cows. Even now GM is restructuring its pension system and shifting to 401k's (yes, the same GM that was bailed out to the tune of billions, THEN handed over to Union Control) because now that the management shoe is on the Union foot, the union is forced to admit that they lack the profitability to sustain their outrageous "pensions."

Go ahead and seek a pension if you want. Depend on it being there when you retire, and I'm going to call you stupid.

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Santorum was in a blue state but he didn't run to the left like Romney. That's a conservative. Now, what's conservative about Paul? His wanting to cut the military to balance the budget? He insists on this point when questioned, that's his base. Sorry, there's nothing conservative about that. The Federal government's job, constitutionally, is to provide for a strong defense.

I think it's down to Santorum and Romney. The rest are just spoilers.

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Where to begin here.. West would be a great choice for any candidate as a running mate. Now, on to bursting your bubble.

Paul won't be the nominee. In fact, he probably won't be on the ticket. He's better off being appointed as the Fed Chairman. Now, I can tell you're a Paul supporter, because no one else would honestly think Mr. Mitt Fantastic Romney would pick such a controversial running mate. That's pure fantasy, when everyone knows his track record of capitulating to the left as a way of avoiding controversy. He would pick Olympia Snowe before he picked Paul. Heck, he'd pick a Democrat news anchor with the 360 program. Someone the libs like, with good hair, but not better hair. That's the key for Mittens.

Rick Santorum could win in a blue state like Philly running as a right to life, strong national defense conservative Republican, he is LAND SLIDABLE over Obama. Why? The roadmap to electoral victory is conservatism, Exhibit A: Ronald Reagan 1980 and 1984. Mittens, Gingrich, and Paul all turn off the base because they are not conservative.

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Rick Santorum, I hope you're listening. You are in a position to pick up on this. Look, find your voice, or The Moderate from Liberalville is going to be the guy we have to vote for on election day, and we know how that worked out in 2008.