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But he speaks with infallibility! /sarc

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TBM, you did not attack me so I should have worded it to say, "anybody reading this" rather than "you." Sorry. Unfortunately I have seen numerous examples of people addressing Mormonism on Breitbart and then being attacked as a bigot. This Alinsky-like reaction is intended to shut down discussion and marginalize the poster's comments, so I hoped to avoid that. I appreciate your respectful reply to my post.

I don't think what I said about the differences between Mormonism and Christianity were twisted in the least. It was a plain, albeit brief, statement of the positions of each belief system regarding Jesus Christ. You're right, there is only one true Christ and he can't be both the Mormon Christ and the Christ of historical, Biblical Christianity at the same time, as you have seen.

I never expected you to answer about your beliefs to me. I only responded to your post to Cowboy Logic that you were "brothers in Christ" which you are not. I'm not judging you either. I was just trying to get clarity on the nature of fellowship in Christ. As I said, Christians and Mormons can very easily have friendships and political alliances but they are not together in Christ for the reasons earlier stated.

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Please allow me to state a few facts and not have you viscerally attack me as a "religious bigot." The problem with your statement above is that the Mormon Jesus is NOT the Jesus Christ of the Bible and the historic Christian faith. The only thing they have in common is the name.

For the benefit of those unfamiliar w/Mormon teachings wrt Jesus Christ:

Mormonism teaches that Jesus was created as a spirit baby of Heavenly Father, Elohim and his goddess wife. His earthly incarnation was produced by a physical, sexual act between Elohim and Mary, Elohim's spirit daughter. He is the spirit brother of Lucifer. LDS teaches that Jesus got married and had children. It is also taught that he is one of three gods of the Trinity. There is salvation in Mormonism, not through faith in Jesus Christ alone to save one from his or her sins, but through good works, accepting Joseph Smith as a prophet, and being endowed into the Temple, there learning the necessary secret handshakes for entry into the celestial kingdom, among other things. The ultimate goal of Mormonism is to become a god of one's own planet and produce lots more spirit babies.

The historic Christian faith and the Bible teach that Jesus Christ is eternal, co-equal with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit and together with the Father and Spirit are one tri-une God. Jesus became incarnate and was born by the Virgin Mary, having been overshadowed by the Holy Spirit. He was not created but is the Creator of all that has been made. He never married, nor had children. As fully God and fully man, the incarnate Christ identified w/sinful man, taught the people the truth about the Kingdom of God, was perfectly obedient to God and fulfilled the righteous requirements of the law which none of us as sinners can ever do, and finally offered Himself as a substitutionary, atoning sacrifice to satisfy the wrath of God for the sins of His people, past, present and future. God the Father accepted Christ's perfect life and sacrifice and resurrected Him on the third day. The ultimate goal of Christianity is redemption of sinful man unto a reconciled relationship with the Creator and Redeemer God and the enjoyment of eternal life in His presence as His people. Salvation is received by faith in Christ alone and not by works lest one should boast.

There is much more that can be said, but as you see the contrast in teaching reveals that Mormons are not in fellowship with Christians spiritually. They each believe in a different Jesus. Each of us, not just Mormons and Christians, because we are created by God in His image, will have to account to Him for our acts and what we have believed about Jesus Christ.

I don't think these serious differences prevent us from earthly friendships or from political alliances. They may present a barrier, however, for committed Christians to vote for a Mormon for President. Just stating facts.

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Yes...she is irrelevent. You can tell that by the over 700 posts here in response to her statement. Over at Hot Air they really think she's irrelevent with the 2000+ comments just to one post reporting about her Facebook statement a few days ago. Nobody listens to her or thinks her ideas are worthy of a response. Hmm hmm./s

The left must be worried.

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Mitt must be worried that Sarah is on to something that just might deny him his life's ambition. His trolls are out in force.

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My comment was a response to Sunny-whatevers claim that Establish-Mitt and his wife Ann would bring a healing influence to our country. I didn't say anything about Newt.

I can see by your bizarre comment that Sarah is at least smarter than you, packsoldier.

About the healing, why doesn't Mitt start now and stop the relentless attacks against anyone who stands in his way to his throne?

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HEALING???!!! Romney??? Mitt Romney??? Mitt, my-dad-couldn't-get-elected-President-so-I'll-do-it-in-his-place-no-matter-what-I-have-to-do-or-say-or-attack-or-spend, Romney will HEAL America?

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Mitt seems to think that early Primaries are for coronations.

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Another "Palin quit" troll. She resigned to prevent her state of Alaska from having to spend any more time & money on responding to a barrage of spurious ethics charges. A lot like the ones brought against Newt by David Bonior (D-Michigan) in the '90s none of which he was found guilty.

By the way, the documentary The Undefeated will show you that she accomplished much more in her 2 1/2 years in office as Gov than Mitt did in his 4.

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I'm watching with popcorn and my favorite drink!