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I agree. The biggest problem with Whiskey's argument is that Harry, Ron, and Hermione are all white, and Harry (a white male) is the main person fighting "the Evil Straight White male" in the end. Whiskey's argument is beyond ludicrous because Rowling makes it a major point to show that Voldemort is not in the least bit recognizably human, he has degraded so that he isn't straight, white, or male: he is simply Evil.

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Seeing the sweat beads run off of his little head has just made my day.

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Yeah, come on Zohan. We all know that we have the Bush administration to blame for all of this. We conservatives just aren't as popular...We should just forget what we are seeing, and stop interpreting it for what it is. If we pretend we are in a world of rainbows and hope and change, like the liberals do, we will be just fine under sharia law.

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How about trying looking up in your "Library" how long it takes a dictator to show his true colors. Start with Mussolini, Stalin, Castro, and even Hitler (and making this comment doesn't make me a racist). Which of these men took complete control and power in the first year of their rise to power? Fascism doesn't take complete shape in minutes... sorry Bubba.

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When one groups ideas are all that matter we leave democracy and enter dictatorship.

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Not sharks, just ill tempered Sea Bass.

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The right to marry someone of the same gender is not a civil right. It is an act of choice. Saying that it is a civil right is like saying that it is the right of every citizen to be given a car. It isn't an inalienable right. If you offer the right to gay marriage you have to offer the right to polygamists to practice what they believe and feel appropriate. Does that make clear enough sense for you Antie? If you give to one, you have to give to all.

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Hisanus... Man Andrew, that is priceless!

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This is just over the top. Why people even listen to Newsweek and/or Time (aka Obama Magazine) is beyond me. The rubbish that is classified as so called "news" to these people is nothing more than mindless dribble on the toilet seat of Washington. This man disgusts me.

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I am envious. I have always wanted to be Olbermann's "Worst Person in the World." I guess I will have to work harder in support of the Republic. Crowder, you Sir, are awesome!