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Maybe his name will become a verb in conservative lexicon - to Be Breitbart means to be fearless and go to ideological battle with joy and humour.

Quite a legacy that Andrew Breitbart is leaving!

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I am old enough now to have gone through the some of the crap that most of us - if we are lucky to live long - inevitably go though.

And as you so eloquently mentioned John - those on the front lines face it a lot sooner.

What I have learned is that we all handle grief differently.

Some withdraw to themselves, some drink, some garden, some write....

There is no rhyme or reason for us that remain why some have to die way before their time.

I do believe - from what I have read of Andrew - heck I still have his email address in my book in case I had a hot tip on some news - but I do believe that he would be moved by our reaction.

He taught a lot of us.

And prayers to his family who have to be going through some awful times.

They are not alone in spirit.

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I think it can be said that nobody did more for the country in less time on the stage.

I think - the ACORN scandal is his crowning achievement as far as exposes. Something the MSM could have done at any time but chose not to.

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I think Andrew had the almost unique ability to see our society's problems - then succinctly - and sometimes with a sense of humor - identify the causes. .

We are all immersed in the culture - for better or worse - but to see what needs to be fixed....requires an ability to step outside yourself and view it from the 3rd person - to become a "visitor from afar" so to speak.

An example of his insight - Robert Avrech - a BH contributer, Emmy-awarding screenwriter - posted a 14 minute video of Andrew last year of the Republican Jewish Coalition - - of the journalism schools who are teaching moral relativism and the need for "journalists" to "stay above the fray" - and of the hostility Israel faces not only of the MSM here but the world press -

“You cannot be objective on matters of right and wrong”

Equally effective to the truth of Andrew’s focus was his sense of humor.

Which no doubt enraged some of his political opposites.

And welcome, Patricia - I am glad you are part of the BH family!

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What a shock!

If Andrew taught me nothing else it was to fight for what you believe in, and don't worry about the inevitable enemies along the way.

I was impressed with his fearlessness at confrontation, all the while being civil and polite. I am thinking of his time at Bill Maher.

He was also a merry prankster.

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It's on my list for Fri or Sat.

And fortunately it is in several theaters - and not 300 miles from my home.

Even if it disappoints me it will piss off many in Hollywood, and that's a good thing.

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I read somewhere - long ago - that when the Monkees first started they didn't know how to play music - it was all about the TV show.

The show got popular and they learned how to play music.

Don't know if that is true or not but at the time I thought it was interesting.

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And of course the Left holds that up as the "dark days" when they do far worse to conservatives. At least the Hollywood Left was working to bring Stalin over; the Right is working to bring the traditional USA over ;-)

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I will see it this weekend.

Read something interesting on Steve Jobs yesterday that would apply to Hollywood.

Stanford - Harvard Business schools are starting to teach the "Jobs Style" of mamangement.

No they aren't fond of his personality - he was a jerk to his fellow workers by most who knew him.

Jerk is putting it too politely.

If i used a stronger word the "word-bot" will seize my post ;-)

So what interests the business schools about the "Job's Style"?

1. He didn't rely on focus groups. Didn't care what people would think of his ideas. He badgered and pushed his people to develop what he thought people would like.

2. He didn't let bean counters dictate what his products would end up becoming. He developed the products, then let the bean counters decide how to price them. <\i>

Some of this sounds like classic Hollywood, from the 30s though the 60s. When pictures were made by studio heads with a passion for pictures - not focus groups or bean counters.

As far as Bean counters are concerned, Act of Valor <\i> certainly flew under their radar.

Americans hunger for pictures that affirm their country, not denigrate it.

When a picture comes along that does that with a good screenplay, good acting and good direction, they will reward it.

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One thing I learned reading The Garner Files is that if they thought the Devil would get good ratings they'd sign him up - Garner was offered another series by Universal right after his successful suit (which despite the non-disclosure agreement he inferred he settled out of court for almost what he was suing for)

Cavett went though a nasty bout of severe depression for awhile which may be why we hadn't seen him