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I haven't been around in FOREVER but I would just like to pop in and express my joy that you're reading Good Omens! I just got my copy back from a friend who liked it, but didn't end up loving it so this is definitely helping me cope.

I wonder if Adam's willingness to believe that the world is a lot cooler and more nonsensical that it actually is is something that all nerds can relate to in varying degrees. I mean, that's why we create and consume science fiction and fantasy, right? Christianity slipped away from me fairly easily as I got older, but I clung as tightly as I could to my belief in Santa and the Easter Bunny, to the point where I knew in my heart that they weren't real, but kept believing in them anyway because I just didn't want it to end. I was pretty obsessed with ghosts when I was younger too-- I used to breath as much as possible when we drove past cemeteries because I heard somewhere that you should hold your breath to prevent a haunting. Screw that- I wanted ghosts! In third grade I wrote a series of stories with my friends called "The Ghost Club," which was pretty much us hanging out in a haunted house and having ghost friends. I'm mostly skeptic about all that supernatural stuff now, but I really miss the good old days when I wasn't.

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YANA. I think the most problematic thing is that he's a man who has written things that are not in a vacuum, but as he says in an era where there is more fiction than ever and audiences are more savvy about what they're consuming- and he's trying to defend himself without acknowledging his place of privilege.. It doesn't help that he's Moffat, so his tone is going to be sort of glib rather than treating the matter seriously. I respect his reasoning and appreciate seeing where he's coming from, even if that doesn't make everything better for me.

I kind of love that he fessed to "having a fetish for powerful, sexy women who like cheating people." LIKE WE HADN'T NOTICED.

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While I'm going to agree with others that I liked last year's Christmas special better, this one did warm my heart and make me tear up and put me to bed contented. But yeah, something was definitely missing. I don't know if we're just so used to Moffat cramming everything and the kitchen sink into his episodes at this point, or if it was the pacing of the thing, or what, but it definitely seemed off. I can't believe the harvesters played such a small part. I loved their comedy bit, but wasn't expecting them to beam out so early! I would've thought they would have been more caught up in the situation and have to think twice about how they make a living, but I guess not? I also don't think the acid rain was threatening enough. I know in 12 minutes you can do a lot, take a bath etc- but whereas in the Big Bang I felt that ticking clock, here with less than half the time the danger didn't really... loom, you know?

I loved the beginning and the end and OMG the Doctor crying with happiness I die-- the middle was a little undercooked, you might say?

And just one more thing because it's REALLY bothering me: WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OTHER GUYS IN THE PLANE. Couldn't they have thrown them in the background somewhere? Made a reference to them in the dialogue? It's driving me nuts!

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Yay Snuff! I didn't really get where it was going in the beginning- and that Jane Austen spoof scene still kind of puzzles me as to its overall purpose- but once it got cooking it was really awesome. It seems to me that Pratchett has the same kind of thing going on with his female characters as Moffat, being strong willed and generally awesome- but with the added trait for being sensible/grounded at the same time. I haven't heard of this grating on anyone the way Moffat's women do, but with either I am all for more awesome females in fiction, so carry on guys! Lady Sybil IS awesome, and I also love that she's a larger woman whose weight isn't made fun of or with.

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I WAS THINKING THAT TOO. Funnily enough, he's actually about the same age right now that Nicholas Brendon was when Buffy started airing.

And since I haven't posted elsewhere in the thread: Yes, yes, yes so much to most of this casting! If only.

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AREN'T THEY THOUGH? I don't know if she found a pattern or what, but I love them and let out the unholiest of noises when I opened them.

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This. I'm really ready for a new companion, but I do not want it at the price of utter tragedy befalling those two. WHY CAN'T WE HAVE NICE THINGS (companions) NUWHO?!

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She made them for me so I could keep my hands warm and have enough dexterity for drawing, but omg I am going to wear these EVERYWHERE.

I had fingerless mittens for orchestra when I was rehearsing in a super cold room, but they still had a thumb which made it really hard to grip. These are so. much. better. and they have DALEKS ON THEM.

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This may be an opinion I need to change because it's been some time since I read it but- Catcher in the Rye. It seems like it's every young guy's favorite book- excuse my sweeping generalization there- and I do judge them for it. I don't think I would have that distaste if it weren't held to be such a great classic novel. I just felt like it was the worst offender when it came to all the white-cis-male-adolescence-story-that-should-awake-something-in-all-of-us-because-of-its-universal-truths books we read in school. At least the other ones actually had a story that I could hold on to while I failed to relate to the main characters.