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I don't know if anyone else mentioned it, because I only read the top few comments, but there's an interesting theory about Rose shattering Pink Diamond; namely that we've seen the immediate aftermath already.

Someone suggested that the projection Pearl shares with Steven in Rose's Scabbard took place right after Rose shattered Pink Diamond. They mentioned that Rose keeps looking behind her, rather than at Pearl, and that the conversation clearly happened after SOMETHING that would have been the point that truly made it so that if Peal sided with her, she could never go home.

Said theory certainly convinced me that Pearl was actually Pink Diamond's Pearl, who gained a friendship with Rose because Rose was one of her top soldiers.

Just a theory, but a very interesting one in my opinion.

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I'm very behind on keeping up with mark watches, I used to be a regular waaay back in the day with Doctor Who. I've tried to buy the videos for steven universe, but for whatever reason my card won't work, even though I know I have plenty of money for it. I fully intend to buy them when I work out what's wrong and will pay it forward with links when I do, but for now, does anyone have extra links for his Steven Universe videos?

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That or we need to start SCOURING every place that has ever had those serials in their possession. I mean hell, didn't they find Tomb of the Cybermen decades after the fact in Hong Kong? Let's put together a team and start checking some storage cupboards, with any luck there could be a serial or two still out there!

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shit, but, but... I have an eyelash in my eye!

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Doooo it! :D

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It really is! It bothers me soooo much, especially because a lot of the lost serials sound so fun. I went to see Frazer Hines' one man show over the summer and he told so many awesome stories about the missing serials.

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1. We're at the very least going to do the surviving episodes from mostly lost serials and we think we might have a clever idea for how to handle the fully lost serials. We're definitely going to watch the reconstructions ourselves, we're just not entirely sure how well we can use them in a video review. Worst case scenario we'll probably just do mini recaps for the missing ones. This shouldn't prove too much of a problem except for Two's era (which is insanely frustrating to me as it happens to be my favorite @_@).

2. I don't think there will be but I can't make any promises. I do think I can safely say there won't be any overt spoilers at least. Possibly a passing reference or two.

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So guys, I have news! Sort of unrelated news admittedly, but I figured if anyone would be interested in it, you all would be.

Two friends and I have decided to undertake something of a challenge. We are going to do video reviews for every serial of Doctor Who, from beginning to end, in order. While we haven't actually started it yet (we hope to get a few reviews done before the end of the month as insurance for if we fall behind), we have got a youtube account and a blogspot for it. If you have any urge to support us or join us in our journey of epic proportions, please feel free to bookmark/subscribe. There may not be anything there yet, but there will be in the coming weeks. xD


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the crack fic was all kinds of epic. i kind of feel like it should be finished and posted to teaspoon. xD

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Hell. YES we are back in business!